The Predictable Biden Bounce Involving the Ukraine Response Will Likely Not Last Long

Economic issues will grind that three point bounce in mere months:
ft. Juan Williams delusions:

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  1. None of this has anything to do with Russia. This is Democrats pushing the green deal and using Russia as an excuse to cut everyone off of fossil fuels. The problem is there's nothing in place to go green it will finish off America. Once he's killed America his real plan comes into play. Look up where the phrase build back better comes from yeah America will become that socialist utopia AOC told you about it is why she was placed in Congress. People need to really look at the giant picture from the time AOC stood in front of everyone telling you the green deal was coming. Trump said America would never be a socialist country and they all smiled like wanna bet. This has taken them five years to complete and we're in the final stages now. Pill-osi hated Trump and said she had a quiver of arrows and Trump is leaving he just doesn't know it yet. Everything I'm saying is on video you can go look up if you don't believe it. Fauchi said Trump would have a pandemic during his term months before it happened. One of pillosi's arrows was she had China on the line China also hated Trump because he was making them pay up and was killing their economy with sanctions. The democrats, Pill-osi, Biden, Shummer and the other criminal had China release the virus. This virus not only made sure Trump lost but killed everything he did and set the stage for what we're seeing now. You can call it a conspiracy theory or whatever you want but like I said these are all facts I didn't make up anything. The rest you can figure out on your own from Fauchi telling Trump to shut down the country to voter fraud and mail in ballots to Jan 6. It's all part of the government's plan to turn America into that socialist country Trump said would never happen. Forget about Trump they will never allow him to run again or anyone like him. Trump was the last republican president America will ever see. Enjoy your new America if you do like it now you're definitely not going to like what's coming and remember people laughed at AOC and said she was crazy , it's not so funny now is it? Lol

  2. The thing these idiots who say "you should buy a electric car" don't understand is the cost of electricity is going up because the cost of fuel and the US doesn't you nuclear plants. The other thing they don't understand is the US power grid is so outdated it can't handle the load electric cars would put on the system. California is a excellent example of this. They can't run AC and a washing machine without causing blackouts.

  3. We all know Trump won, a democrat hack managed to get a handful of votes for biden into the machine just in time

    Lying by omission

    If anyone knows how to pull it off it's biden, the lack of testosterone in his presidency is all the proof we need

  4. Gas $10 by summer or close. Is he delusional- Biden and power elite?? Have they truly gone bonkers? Russia will control Ukraine – US will still be the country who starts wars and then turns tail as in Afghanistan and leaves wreckage behind- Balkans – Libya – Syria – Afghanistan- Iraq. Yeah we will really clear up the Russia problem too bad that leaves Western oligarchs and plutocrats to run AMUCK!!!

  5. There is no bounce.
    Not in Iowa.
    Maybe Zombieland.
    Nobody defends Brandon at this point.
    The Globalists are paying the news media to make a bounce seem plausible. 🤔
    There is no me.

  6. I in no way support any action in Ukraine that is supported by the same people who lied about COVID for the past two years. I also will not blame the war in Ukraine (or COVID) for Biden's economic failures.

    call me skeptical, I don't care.

  7. Those are the original Democrats that became disenfranchised temporarily retargeting their moronic view of the world towards the Russians instead of how much of a failure Biden is.

  8. Pretty sure east and south is the current priority for russia. The N will be last. Of course all the media talking heads are way too stupid to understand warfare and have had ppl staring at kiev since the beginning.

  9. what bounce is that?

    there goes joe's attempt at being a 'wartime potus' he's a wartime dufus at this point he just THWARTED AID TO THE UKRAINE

    U.S. rejects Poland's offer to give it Russian-made fighter jets for Ukraine | Reuters The United States rejected a surprise offer by NATO ally Poland on Tuesday to transfer its Russian-made MiG-29 fighter jets to a U.S. base in Germany as a way to replenish Ukraine's air force in its defense against invading Russian forces.

  10. You are so right about the Democrats. They have to find something to offset the losingin in November. In 2020, it was using the virus and mail-in ballots. In Nov 2022, Biden needs a war to be FDR like he thinks he is. I am waiting for rationbooks to be coming out soon.

    Here is some interesting facts that everyone forgets. The price of oil at the end of 2019, a few months after the first cases of the virus appeared, oil was $64.30/barrel. After one year of virus lock-downs in the Democrat control Blue States and the US under Trump becoming energy independent and an exporter of oil and gas the price of oil was $39.17/barrel. At the end of 2021 and after one more year of Biden had stopped the Keystone pipeline, shut down Anwar and oil and gas exploration the price of oil was at $68.21/barrel. Some would say that the demand for oil dropped during 2020 due to lock-downs. Okay if so, the same situation existed during Biden's 2021, but the price went up. What is the difference? The difference is that the Wacko Green Energy Leftists have bought the Biden Administration to reduced oil production in the USA in 2021 and is continuing it in 2022. There is video of Biden during his campaign declaring that he would if elected, though he really was not elected, eliminate all fossil fuels. What more proof do you need? Has nothing to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition that price of recharging your electric car, assuming you can afford one, is going up too as the electricity in those charging stations are generated by fossil fuels.

  11. There’s two Russian armies. Professionals and conscripts. The pro’s are well trained, motivated, equipped. The conscripts are poorly trained and poorly equipped. Apparently Putin expected the high intensity conflict to be over in 3-4 days. That the Europeans would be decided. The Ukrainians to accept occupation

  12. It's unfathomable that Biden could receive a bump in approval for any reason whatsoever. Never discount the number of stupid people out there. As Biden transforms himself to a wartime president, a purely self-serving political move, the gullible American public falls for it. I'm speechless.

  13. These are the same people claiming for decades America is bad and we have done nothing but engage in war to steal from other countries and now we have to listen to these same people push us to war with Russia.

  14. Biden stated emphatically a day or two ago gas prices are going to keep going up and it's Russia's fault. This as he climbs aboard his gas-guzzling limo. He effectively gave the middle finger to then entire nation. Worst president ever bar none.

  15. I look forward to Russia getting 1000s of unused javelins and NLAWs, making cheap but similarly effective knockoffs, then selling them to every Western adversary. It might even stop America blowing up brown people!

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