The Presidential Debate Commission May CHANGE The Rules For Joe Biden After He LOST To Trump

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and recurring guest Jack Murphy, author of Democrat to Deplorable (@JackMurphyLive on Twitter, and at, discuss the presidential debate on Tuesday, and the fallout the next day as the Presidential Debate Commission tries to make things easier on poor old Joe Biden.

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  1. I'd much rather have a bull in a china shop fighting for us than a doddery old career politician who has grifted off the taxpayers his entire life and is an entrenched party hack.

  2. the other thing is that biden just outbursts anytime he is challenged by a normal person. seen multiple times of his incoherent outbursts at everyday Americans.

  3. Biden is confused. He slammed President Trump stating that President Trump was self-entitled, self-serving who thinks everything is about him, who throws out lie after lie after lie, he’ll get his way. Biden just described himself. Everyone thinks President Trump was constantly interrupting Biden. President Trump did do his share of interruptions. However, go back and re-watch the the debate, you will see that it was Biden who interrupted first, who did the name calling and doing the facial distractions throughout the debate. Biden is once again being protect by the Leftist media for his poor behavior. President Trump came prepared for Biden’s behavior. President Trump must have seen the debate on Biden interrupting Jim Ryan constantly. Biden’s memory is shot as to not remember how rude he was during that debate. Here’s the link Joe so you can have a short review.

  4. I don't see how trump could of had a carm debate when he only had two minutes to answer the question and to try to point out the lies that just came out of sleepies mouth.

  5. The white supremacy question was a set up either way. The question asked was "Will you tell X groups to stand down?" which just implies that he has authority over those groups. I think when Joe brought up Proud Boys, he expertly didn't just condemn a group that isn't white supremecist, which would've given every lefty the opportunity to now point and exclaim "See Proud Boys ARE white supremecists!".

  6. Who do you want negotiating a peace treaty? The guy who can’t get a word in edgewise or the guy who dominates the conversation?

    No one should have to jump too just because a question was asked. They don’t get to snap their fingers and expect Trump to hop too and give them the answer they want when they want it.

  7. Trump wasn't tell the Proud Boys to stand by or down, he was saying that they do stand by and stand down. It was a fragment of a thought rather than a complete one. He was probably going to finish it by saying how the Proud Boys stand down and let police do their job while antifa runs away or escalates; he just didn't finish expressing the comparison portion so it came off sounding like him telling the Proud Boys to wait one.

  8. Tim ya got a super radical youtube hole here. Im Canadian so I can't say I'm scared about the people this harbours personally, but just the mental gymnastics performed here is awestriking. Yall need therapy and I hope you get silenced because myself as a neutral party in observing US politics, both sides are awful, but this is a case of bad is great compared to worse and you're using your platform to amplify, distort, and autotune the voice of the greater evil. I would really like to know how you and the people in this comments thread rationalize to yourselves how you think this situation is good.

  9. Biden interrupted POTUS first (3 times) so Trump just gave it too him after that. Besides the first Wallace question was his taxes? …and he got it wrong. The 750 was for the extension but the NYT admitted at the end of their crazy article that POTUS paid 1 Million in '16 and 4.2 Million in '17.

  10. Now, I'm neither American nor that interested in America's politics – but I do have a question.
    Is this normal in your country? I've watched about 3/4 of the presidential debate duel – and I feel like neither of them gave any answers. They both seemed unprofessional though trump was even talking over the show host.
    They legit just throw numbers and talk around the topic.

  11. Look. I'm voting Trump. Biden is a ridiculous candidate who will say anything to get elected. Chris Wallace was a joke and completely tried to sabatoge Trump. But to say that Trump won that debate or in anyway performed well, is totally bias and wishful thinking. He couldn't formulate any verbal defense or coherent explanations of his plans or policies. That's not to say that he doesn't have them. It just means that he has difficulty ignoring the personal attacks in order to make sure he clearly states his positions and more importantly, how he intends to enact them. Instead of bringing up facts about his accomplishments, he just yells about fake news (and he is correct) and has to protect his ego by telling us how great he is and interrupting ad nauseum. Show some patience and let Biden hang himself with his bullshit by letting him talk. Better off with Kayleigh McEnany out there. She actually fights back with facts rather than empty insults. You would think that Trump's campaign staff would send him out there with notes on his own policies and plans to use in response and make his case rather than having him improvise a Jerry Springer act. It was embarrassing and a missed opportunity to put Biden away once and for all.

  12. i hope they change the rules and the moderator because that so called debate was a fucking disgrace
    let the two of them actually talk about a subject instead of 3 minutes and the moderator keeps interrupting them

  13. No one is talking about why Biden eyes were black instead of blue? Why he had wires poking out of shirt sleeve? Who was he listening to when he leaned forward? The Dems us win at all cost. We must focus on truth on how great America is and stop wallowing ourselves in their garbage. Less we become infected with their lies. Stick to truth let the people decide

  14. Donald Trump hosted Wrestlemania IV and V in 1988 and 1989, consecutively. He managed a wrestler, Bobby Lashley against Umaga, managed by Vince McMahon. And yes! Donald Trump is in the Celebrity Wing of WWFE Hall of Fame.

  15. The candidates already signed an agreement on the format but that means nothing to the left. Trump should demand that all profits from the debate go to Veterans groups, if they are going to just change the rules.

  16. Biden was wired. Look it up. His behavior was very odd the way he put his finger in his ear, had a wire sticking out of his jacket and a "pen"-like object sticking out of his sleeve. He was probably fed what to say through an earpiece. I'm just speculating, but it was really weird.