The Press vs Trump: Volume Three (The Charlottesville Lie)


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  1. So we're saying neo nazis and people who want to beat up the neo nazis are the same?
    The media demonized the neo nazis and was silent about the counter protesters. Why does anybody have an issue with this?

  2. "Are you calling the alt left and alt right on the same moral level"

    Is this a question?! Like wtf of course they are BOTH MORALLY wrong/bad. Like Communists are just good people.

  3. Something just occurred to me. I'm surprised the media like can tell what a what a white supremacist looks like because: they don't know what a rhino looks like, thinks a kid looking at a Indian man equals racism, can't tell when people like Jesse Smollett, Nathan Phillip's & Bubba Wallace are lying and can't tell a man from a woman. No wonder the media is so screwed up! ?

  4. Love your work, but you're missing a LOT of stuff here.
    1. The white supremacists had a permit to march, the left didn't. Which means they were there purely to antagonize.
    2. That Heather Hayes didn't die from being run over, she died from a heart attack because she was morbidly obese…
    3. James Fields was chased into his car by armed leftists that bragged about it.
    4. He didn't hit the gas until leftists started attacking his car, pelting it with bricks and vasps.
    5. Police were ordered to let the two sides clash and stay out of it.

    This is some of your worst work yet…you seem to be slipping a little.

  5. White Supemists are morons. As a Trump supporter I wish to gift them to the Left. While violent clashes took place in Democratic cities, Democrats said nothing.

  6. These so-called "news organizations" should lose their media licenses for such dishonest reporting. They're going to keep lying to us until there are consequences

  7. Actually, the guy driving the car that rammed into the leftist mob had been attacked by leftists wielding flag poles and similar elongated instruments, which caused him to flee for his safety (and possibly life) and unintentionally drive into the crowd of leftists. He was not doing it for violent partisan purposes.

  8. The only thing that Trump said in both his speeches that was false is "there were good people on both sides". There were certainly some pro-statue people on the Right who were good people, but there was not a single good person on the Left who attended that rally. Every anti-statue leftist who showed up at that rally, whether they were so-called peaceful protestors or Antifa antagonizers, was there to start trouble and inflame the situation. And the pigs on the police department escalated the violence when they pushed the two opposing groups together.

  9. There was very fine people on both sides of the protests in Portland, but it was only the left that was rioting, looting and burning down businesses. Just repeat this for the other democrat run cities experiencing the same issues.

  10. Boy CNN really botched picking that panel of people. I'd bet a dollar it only aired that one time. People that see things like this will either not accept it or become really P.O.ed about the lies that they have been being told. MSM and big tech are enemies of the USA.

  11. MSM is scum. I was ignorant and believed them before. Biden is dishonest for perpetuating that lie and still runs his campaign based on that lie