The Pressure is Rising

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  1. The time when I was least aware of race was when I had money and lived in a near all white town. To be less than totally aware of race and the role race plays in all social facets is to be wildly isolated from reality either by geographics or by metal blinders you put on yourself. Race exists and it absolutely matters WHEN speaking about large groups and even probabilities concerning individuals. For instance, if you were a detective and a black man had been shot and murdered. The only information you have is that there are 3 suspects of which 1 certainly committed the murder, and that one was Asian, one way white and one was black. Which of those 3 would you instinctively look at first? That does not make you a racist. It just means your brain still functions despite all the programing stop it. (I am NOT saying a person is guilty because of their race. I am saying that statistically it is probable that one race is more likely to be guilty)

  2. Sargon you are dead wrong about vaccines. Herd immunity is a huge part of what makes vaccination effective even if the vaccine had low effectiveness.
    Pandemics = any time a rate of transmission is over 1. Meaning the average infected individual passes the virus to more than 1 person.

    for example. the season Flu transmission rate = 1.28. In the case of a poor vaccine effective season. Say 30% here are the numbers
    No vaccines = 1.28 transmission per person infected. The Flu is pandemic
    100% vaccination at 30% effectiveness = 1.28 x .3 = 0.89 The Flu is endemic. Will shrink over time.

    This will have a huge impact on how many are infected and how many die. For everyone that decides to not get vaccinated, they increase the potential rate of transmission and can push it above into pandemic rates again.

    Why should we not get the Coronavirus vaccine? Well here is the reality no one seems to be talking about. Unlike influenza, for the 7 strains of Coronavirus that effect Humans there are no known effective vaccines to date. Both SARS(2003) and MERS(2012) where more deadly than SARS-COV2 but did not spread at the same rate. The pandemics where over before any vaccines where developed and it appears as though money for research dried up. I'm skeptical that any reasonably safe vaccines can be thoroughly tested before we manage to completely destroy our economies. Had the money been invested to get a proper vaccine for the SARS or MERS epidemics, We probably wouldn't be in this mess now.

  3. The best thing that the DOJ has done at least in terms of exposing hypocrisy is to investigate Princeton for claiming that everything is systemically racist whilst at the same time claiming compliance with laws that are antithetical to the thesis.

  4. Most colleges double as government contractors. They receive contracts from the government to implement temporary programs or build new departments, so they'd inevitably get caught up in such legislation or give up the programs which always end up providing net value to the school.

  5. At long last, we finally know that, in fact, Jimmy Kimmel has nothing in his pants. So you know, in spite of the judge issuing a No-Knock Warrant, the cops DID knock and one cop was SHOT as a result.

  6. There will be more riots. But the "where" is the most important part. These riots have and will continue to plague the bluest of the blue strongholds. They already vote far left so the most they can accomplish is galvanize resistance against them in thier own "safe zones." Burning down Portland is not going to scare Texas blue for example. Quite the opposite.

  7. It wasn’t a “no knock warrant”. The boyfriend had a gun & shot one of the cops as they came in. They returned fire & well….someone died. That’s why the cops didn’t get charged with anything. This is a perfect case to explain to the Left & BLM that you need to wait for the facts to come out before you start championing someone. They shouldnt riot since it was her boyfriend’s fault, but they probably will anyway cuz they think that’s the way to make change, but it actually does the opposite.

  8. Carl, When are you going to learn that Britain is a lost cause and come to America, where we are winning the war!! Your children shouldn't grow up in a country that doesn't believe in FREE SPEECH!!!!!!!

  9. In calling for people to verify their mail in vote counted by going later into the polling station after mailing in their wildly uncontrolled ballot was also to get people media and politicians) to admit that vote by mail was flawed and unreliable. It worked. The media and politicians went nuts before they realized that they were saying in their rush to attack Trump. They were admitting that the mail in voting was NOT as problem free as the left and media claim it is otherwise there would be NO WAY you could cast a ballot at the polling station in person. The "highly reliable" mail in voting would have functioned as the media and politicians always claim it would and your in person vote would be rejected and you would know your mail in ballot was counted. Who you voted for might be an issue though. But at least you didn't send your vote in to the USPS black hole with the wink and smile from the Postal Union who openly endorsed Biden that they delivered your Trump vote safely.

  10. I think Africa should apologise to England and America for selling them slaves. When I think about slavery, I get mad at Africa, as everyone should.

  11. Quick history lesson, the South wanted out of the Union (think Brexit) because they wanted more state control.Slaves existed both in the North and South,even after the civil war.