The Pretender: Slugger Sutton. Dan Andrews

Brett Sutton is the unelected architect that has systematically destroyed the State of Victoria. The man is so divorced from reality that whenever he speaks and attempts to assert his authority, I just want to laugh, cry, scream, or joke.

Written by Danger Dan


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  1. Well with the way your state government and the federal government is so f..ked up with everything, especially Morrison trying to become a f..king tyrant is off the scale, he and his government have to go ,along with the rest of the state governments put in place the f..king people, they are supposed to work for us but when there is a conflict they send in the people to fight their wars so I'm f..king over them, rise up Australia!

  2. That was f*cking hilarious. Look at him, he was only weened off his mums tit a fortnight ago, what the frig would he know about ANYTHING, another 'credential' he got from a Kellogs Cornflakes packet.

  3. Many high quality international studies have proven:
    – masks are useless
    – distancing is arbitrary
    – lockdown don't work and do destroy lives
    – Ivermectin as an age old human medicine is being used all over the world to good effect

    Either he lies , is uninformed or is himself a nut-job. My money is on lies.

  4. And you are pro-death jabs, which are full of poison. How stupid is that? They are NOT VACCINES. and Fauci will get the death penalty as Gates did already. on 5th October, 2021 for his part in the plandemic. Still funny.? Laugh away.

  5. We all know who are the people living in a fantasy world. What a mindless little worm. It's not that he hasn't had a thought of his own, its that he has put his personal thoughts below his master's and subjugated himself. He is so far gone he "Knows" thinking for yourself is whacky and weird. He has foregone integrity, honour, and courage for the safety of his masters chains.

    It is so simple to shoot down these fools. They use emotional arguments to push their agenda. Horse de-wormer! Seriously? It has been used on humans for around 60 years. What's that? you're drinking Horse water and breathing Horse air? FFS. wake up!

  6. Nevermind buddy, they're hiring in Chicago, contact Mayor Lori Lightfoot with your resume and you'll be on a jet (Wearing a face mask wiith a vaccination certificate wedged firmly up your bum) in no time and Melbourne's loss will be Chicago's gain, bye Brett, or as the French say, Au Revoir 😉

    The French say lots of other things too but, they're a bit rude…

  7. So he’s referring to Ivermectin which won a Nobel prize in 2015 and has been used for decades. If he knows anything at all about medicine he is spreading misinformation. Disgraceful!

  8. What an absolutely chit show, I couldn't give a toss about this absolutely moron of a health minister. They all are only wanting to see their bank aqq⁹ getting fatter and fatter from bribe money they already bribed old Gladys & her merry men huh

  9. I really have to ask this.
    Please thumbs up my message if you think no one will want to work with Dan or Brett after they leave their positions.
    Also, give me a thumbs up if you would never employ them.
    Let's send them a message.

  10. Anti everything?… No Bretto big boy pants….. we are simply sick of your lies. You and the ChairMing have rorted Victoria out of lives through your cannot remembers etc etc.
    Where is the ACTUAL HEALTH ADVICE SUTTON you lying rat…. Just show it, show us… show the Health advice that drove lockdowns etc

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