The Price of Vaccination

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Protest happening now in Melbourne


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  1. Thank you mr Katter! I never even got my hair dyed when I was pregnant! Women should have sovereignty over their bodies especially when carrying their forming babies!

  2. What happened to our once great country the days when we were one ,United Happy Hopeful now we are separated by our vaccine status we live in Fear Anger and Hatred What a disgrace …This is no longer about Health but Control I pray people revolt and realise what is going on…

  3. I know of numerous deaths, serious injuries and severe side effects (from direct sources)
    When I mentioned it to muppet supermarket worker they said I must get my info off social media (which I don't use)
    I can't believe that most people prefer to live in a dream world.

  4. Stay away from the kids too with the 🐍.. stand firm stay strong and keep vigilant people… cheers and God bless from Canada.. No Way.. Get Ficked… Fick Off… love it.. add Justin Trudeau in one time for me after Dan Talk to Rebel and Avi.. or Rebel News in Canada perhaps..or UK…

  5. World Blackout on December 25th – shut down all power generators and cut off all distribution lines in every country in the world. "NOTHING WILL WORK UNTIL FREEDOM RETURNS" 💀💀💀💀 COMMUNISM IS THE CANCER OF THE WORLD.

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