The Prices Of Consumer Goods Are RISING, Inflation Is HERE And It’s About To Get REAL

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host co-hosts of the Orange Pill Podcast and Bitcoin experts Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert to look at why consumer prices are rising, and what real inflation looks like.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. “Well who would guessed it?”
    Paying people more to stay home, than to turn up to work, being paid with borrowed money by the government, ends up with Inflation.
    Hands Up, any one surprised by this.
    Anybody, Anyone,,,,,,,,No one.

  2. Just out of fairness here, the inflation we're seeing now is the birds coming home to roost from just the 2020 stimulus plans, which President Trump signed (not that he had a choice). So it's unfair to blame this 100% on Biden, but he's certainly not helping. If the Fed were well-managed, and the economy was opening up so that we had the products and services to fill the demand, that might ease the inflation.

  3. Get you a 7.3 Harvester (Has to be the Harvester) diesel and have someone go through it. It’ll run on pretty much anything other than gas or water. So transmission fluid, engine oil, cooking oil. Let me know I can go through it for you.

  4. Worse part is the majority of Americans will accept a bad economy and bad lives so long as the media says they are on the 'right side of history'.

  5. Back at the beginning of this year, I speculated that substantial inflation of the U.S. dollar would occur and the value of cryptocurrency (especially Ethereum) would go up once Biden took office. So far, it seems that I am right.

  6. If people want jobs they should look into truck driving. Man they are paying some good money in that industry. And they are hurting for drivers.

  7. I have a simple solution to help negate inflation. US businesses need to start accepting Canadian or European currency the same way they accept us currency. Take the power out of the US government's hands and they will have a much harder time messing it up.

  8. Rising inflation, rising interests rates, and once unemployment starts climbing (as the post COVID economy is already underperforming), we'll have Carter administration trifecta, and we'll be back in the big-government, tax and spend shi**er that Reagan inherited and transformed. How many times do we have to go through this song and dance before people finally understand that the government spending is a recipe for disaster?

  9. Sure. President Biden lives in the Land of Oz with the Lollipop Guild. The ease of the American people is not his concern. Come to think of it, why should he care anyway?

  10. Has anyone thought that the liberal government did this deliberatly to speed up the demise of America . If its not deliberate then there is the stupidist people imaginable running the United States .

  11. I can't even buy fucking jeans at Target anymore. They're all gone.. and I don't even get the more popular skinny jean style, I'm a regular straight boot cut guy. I can see 2008 troubles coming again.

  12. Oh, Tim, you finally got somebody remotely competent!

    BTW, don't expect that a fixed-rate loan to buy a house would necessarily save you. In Israel, when their bankers and politicians caused hyperinflation, they just indexed everybody's mortgages to inflation rate. Why do you think they would not do the same here, seeing how obedient their sheep has become with all the mask-wearing submission?