The Prince IS GOING TO PRISON After This Massive New Update From Court!


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  1. I like the Chanel but this title is click bait or you have no clue, which i doubt.1. Its a civil suit so how is he going to jail? 2.They wont extradite him so at most he wont be allowed back into the USA even if they launch a criminal case.
    So how can you make these claims that he is going to a prison cell, its ludicrous.

  2. Andrew in a Fed Prison?
    In America?
    How they gonna get him there 🤣🤣

    More chance of a Diana special's when the accusers ever go in tunnels.

    He'l never go to jail, they wouldnt get a hold of him anyway

  3. They'll dismissively wave their silken hankies at our 'justice' system. Meanwhile, the rest of us proles are saddled with more restrictions, regulations, and mandates for a nearly surefire guarantee that we're in violation of scores of edicts and unlawful legislation that we weren't even aware of.

  4. I hope that he does the time. The elites like throwing money at their problems and after that they bash the same people for taking the money. They feel untoucheball with all their money. Let's go Brandon. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. $ 500, 000 to pay Jeffrey Epstein come on , is this for real. He should know better to not to pay Jeffries Epstein. WOW. That unreal. I guess some people have money think they have nothing to it, huh!! He walk away , that how they behave, Unbelievable. It's so dirty business, oh man this guy get off, but not for long. He go free. huh!! It's creepy.

  6. Whether any these
    "Creme of the Curd" arrogant, low-life, law-breakers, do any prison time or not…at least they'll be walking around with a mark on their forehead, and ALL their friends and relatives will know what they've been labeled…
    (does the mark of Cain, come to mind)???
    Genesis 4:15+16

  7. That picture with the Duke and Epstein together. The one just after Epstein got out of jail. The Duke of York actually pulled some strings to get him out and give him the 18 months of “work release” that Epstein had to do. It was in the Netflix documentary

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