The Problem With China’s Covid-19 Vaccine

China’s history with vaccine scandals is alarming. With the global race against the clock, the Chinese government is trying to push their vaccine onto other countries. Here is why that’s potentially a major issue.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. What a load of rubbish.
    On the same day the US recorded 3000 deaths a day by their media I did a Google search and found only 13 deaths in China. The statistics show which country values the lives of their citizens more.
    Why does he assume that all countries are stupid and can't make their own decisions? There are at least three other brands right now. It only makes sense that governments will buy the most effective at the lowest cost.

  2. the world is doomed you got 4 super powers, USA = Murderers,killers,bankers, EU=Psychos,pedos,globalists, CCP= Ultrapsychos, almost non-human, murderers….And Russ = god knows what happens there…future is bright!

  3. CCP promised that they will fix America after the huge tarrif increases. Rapid acceleration to be the leaders in sales of a "vaccine" that will possibly keep people sick. And the wheel keeps on turning.

  4. The worst part of all of this is that the countries that will recive this vaccine have also lax aprovement rules as they are not as developed as developed countries

  5. This week I was chatting with a friend who is looking at going to Iraq to work for a Chinese company. She was told "we have had the vaccine here in Iraq for six months". So China has been using overseas workers as test subjects.

  6. My cousin's younger brother, who the family suspects had become mentally retarded after receiving a vaccine in China before they immigrated to the US. I was always skeptical about that claim until recently when it came to light that China has been manufacturing defective food products and medicines. Now I would not even buy a bottle of soy sauce made in China.

  7. This virus is killing less than 2.5 % people infected worldwide . the rest survive.More people die in road accidents and crime every year. So how can it be a pandemic. Somebody is going to make a lot of money when the vaccines start rolling.

  8. Latest reports are that workers that were vaccinated with China's vaccine and then going to work in foreign countries are still getting covid. Guess their version isn't 100% effective either.

  9. 2:40 how they kill their own citizen? Yeah because they are communist, they do kill millions people around the world right now and still spreading. Yeah they dont care about human being you now, they just care their own little party in that goverment and want to take all over the world just for themself.
    I am from Indonesia love your content i will keep share it in among Indonesian people, because indonesia president ready to vaccine all indonesian people with that unknown vaccine from china. Thanks for your hard work man keep make this great content.

  10. Easy. We now have the BioNtech vaccine deployed in UK. (and USA I think now?)
    Two other western vaccines are shortly going to be approved.
    Then there is the Russian one, but this appears to be rushed.
    Leave the Chinese to use their Chinese vaccine, and see what happens.

  11. Exactly, very good video! Not only has this affected you personally but I can vouch for what you said about patients choosing imported vaccines over domestic, there is no trust in the local vaccines, in fact there's little trust in any local company when it comes to health other than TCM, remember the milk powder scandal? Ask any Chinese parent if they're willing to risk feeding home-grown infant formula to their babies? Or if they'd give their Children locally made vaccines, 100% of the time their answer would be no