The problem with these protests

I had a discussion on “Instagram Live” with Matt Bilinsky ( about various topics, but most prominently the ongoing protests/riots. This was recorded on Monday, June 1, 2020.

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. Tracey has been one if the most important journalists in the past 5 years. His honesty and most of all courage to write his mind is sadly a rare thing. He is a must read for all ideologies.

  2. "Nobody said FTP back in the 80's and 90's" What!?!? Lmaoo have you ever heard of NWA? "12" "ACAB" has been around for so many years you literally can look up the definitions on urban dictionary, they were wrote many years ago. In my opinion though, these slogans while have some legitimacy towards the anger people have, is inherently divisive and isn't really helping the cause. But to your point, there's a lot of band wagoners on the train now, so yes there really isn't a coherent focus on real issues and such that. I see the people saying we need to end racism. It sounds great, I agree, but it's really not a tangible goal. You can try to end systemic racism, that's something different and actually more tangible. I understand your points you make though, and I think the more conversations people have the more people will figure out what really needs to be done, not just silly slogans and stuff. The whole things seems intentionally divisive

  3. There is something going on within "left" politics a form of "left facism" is creeping in, concepts such as "speech is violence" & "safe spaces" for a specific range person with immutable characteristics which seem to share a commonality with segregation.

  4. As a person that I suppose is somewhat more right leaning (at least in today's sense), I have no issue having this "conversation". However, it seems that there's an expectation or demand that I have to enter into the conversation under a laundry list of premises that by my estimation and research are flawed and hyperbolic. Therefore, I see this "conversation" as a fruitless waste of my time.

  5. Equateing "reason" to some sort of "white imperialism", "white priveledge", or whatever… is simply to shut people down, they apparently want some form of compliance, also "white priveledge" beyond an academic & or general discussion piece is not very useful where itself could be racist & I do believe in many cases that IS the point.

  6. Obama being president did make a huge change but not enough to make me as a black person look past what I see as injustice. This is a little foolish to suggest, you guys missed the policies we are asking for changes on. How can you not look into what we want at all and then suggest we don't have any suggestions lol. Of course toy think that bc you clearly haven't done the research and I could say a couple now but honestly it feels like you don't even care.

  7. The problem with these protests is that them black folks are being used (read: take the blame) once again by doing the dirty work of white political activists.

  8. You can't be a populist if you aren't running on the positions the people demand. Trump ran as a populist, he spoke out loud the actual views of the GOP VOTERS. If Bush ran as a Democrat, and people reluctantly backed him as the strategically most likely to be successful to unseat Trump, that doesn't convert Bush into a populist. I mean….was Clinton a populist simply because she won the primary in 2016? No. Populism is championing the will and the direct interest of the common people.

  9. People were lied to. Covid 19 shutdown businesses, schools and caused mass unemployment. These protests are a convenient cover and people don't want to be angry at healthcare professionals for lying about millions dead so they took it out on the police

  10. It's the oddest thing…. when you step back and pay attention to what the intersectional types say they are behaving in an objectively supremacists way. Whichever group are just children with no agency of their own and need to be given "power" from white leftist. Watch that mayor in Texas again, she was not apologizing to other adults it was as if she was apologizing to her children and the parent will "do better" . Ask about the current day slave trade in Lybia and you will hear that the U.S. is solely responsible like "what do you expect them to do if there is no strong man in charge?" Or if it is Killer Mike from yesterday saying "they are rioting because they don't know what else to do" or that 15 year old girl who was castigating her parents saying "they didn't have the same opportunity you had" again the additude is these are children who only react . It is the main form of "institutional racism" I see and it is everywhere.

  11. Why should it surprise you that whites are protesting state violence, repression, and economic destitution? These issues don't just affect blacks.
    This fixation on race is why the capitalist class found it so easy to engineer a backlash against the BLM movement? Many poor whites heard that slogan, and said to themselves "Well, my life doesn't matter. Why should theirs?"

    It's true that in the U. S. a black man is 1.5 times as likely to be murdered by the police than a white man, but that can be understood in the fact that black Americans are disproportionately poor. A poor man, regardless of race, is more than 49 times more likely to be murdered by police than an upper- and middle-class man. Black Americans are 1.25 times more likely to be imprisoned than white Americans, but poor Americans, regardless of race, are 19 times more likely to be imprisoned than upper- and middle-class Americans.
    It's a class struggle; framing it in a racial lens only serves to divide the people, all but guaranteeing continued exploitation by the capitalist class.

  12. Just for the record, Glenn Greenwald doesn't believe in sides. He believes in the constitution and he follows the truth to where ever it leads, otherwise known as principled integrity. I'm the same way. I hate taking sides. Nothing is more insulting to a person of integrity than being accused of representing a tribe.

  13. Please stop interrupting your conversation partner so often Tracey, your tendency to monopolize a conversation is very noticeable to others even if you aren’t aware of it yourself.

    That said, this was a productive discussion and I think that the most important point you touched on was the way in which the new social left is utterly resistant to any empirical review of their actions or goals simply based on the pretense of “canceling” an argument by switching the focus to the identity of the one making a criticism.

    I call this tribalism and I believe they tribalism is the central distinguishing feature of the 21st century from an anthropological/social perspective.

  14. “Social media” is a tool, not a faction or a mono thematic movement or a self-consistent culture.
    Burglars, rioters, sadistic killers, and carpenters may use hammers, but for very different purposes and with very different results.

  15. It’s funny how feminists all of the sudden have no fear to walk streets during a riot wearing bikini tops and daisy duke shorts,
    Just a few months they were petrified to walk NYC on a normal day.

  16. 12 has been slang for police.. For about 10 years.. You white people are in a bubble.. You don't listen to rap… You might be like

  17. If you're white and you come across any black person in the street you must kneel on both knees in front of them & worship them asking for forgiveness.

  18. Too narrow fellas. The tsunami you are attempting to identify rests in the now brazenly obvious economics being used as weapons. The surface is overt manipulation by TPTSB, but the deeper notions are glued to that gargantuan mass of Americans who ain't got two nickels to rub together.
    Big numbers all seeing and sharing the privileged thumbs on the scale. You guys seem lost on details and ignoring the beast revving up for change. Unbridled greed has reached the limit of social tolerance.