The Project’s WORST Segment Ever

Let’s have a look at how the Project was handling coverage of koala habitat destruction from a few weeks ago.

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2.56 Correction, that’s a stat from the USA not NSW.


Written by friendlyjordies


  1. Why do we even have a logging industry outside plantations?
    Would think enough of the forests have been cut down, maybe buy some farm land and use that for plantations instead of selling it all to the Chinese?

  2. Pity about the 2.56 error. But I agree that this country is being dedicated. Can you release the real numbers for Oz as attempted at 2.56. Otherwise I listen and learn. Keep up real disclosure. Looks like you gave Barilaro a nervous breakdown. He is a distraction. Cheers.

  3. Jodies, just because they are corporate money chasing sell outs does not make them socially right wing. They are still left wing hippies in most issues, they just are morally bankrupt and will do anything for a dollar.

  4. Also PSA, being a "scientist" doesn't mean your views are worth anything. There are plenty of people with a PhD (or who even work in many fields) with shit views that they'd be happy to get paid/airtime for. Just like "responsible economic managers" don't always have a clue how to run an economy.

  5. Finally The Project put out a worse segment than the puff piece for the domestic abuser picking up rubbish on NSW north coast, even spruiked his go fund me grift which will be spent on booze, drugs etc. certainly not spent on supporting his 2 kids

  6. Thanks for letting us know what they are telling others – those of use who avoid that program because – news as 'entertainment' shows like this are so vapid that they simply suck – it was a crap segment on ROVE that turned into a poorly executed show.
    Support ARC – YES!
    Support you – YES!

  7. Hey, Hey, Blinky Bill!

    Save us from that woodchip mill

    If you don't do it, no one will

    Good ol' Blinky Bill

    We should start posting this all over their social media…

  8. I don't watch the Project on T.V however I can't help but look at it on the tube just to reinforce why I don't watch it.

    Waleed is a knob and all his panel are arse lickers.

    Maybe that why they get on with Waleed because he is an ass sniffer .

    They operate in the same realms!

  9. Hi jordies I think you should look in to starting a new political party the country is being destroy by the two main parties.. your just what this country needs mate something new fresh.. a power to keek the bastards honest as old don chip famously said.. I truely believe you could pick up a ton of votes mate just because you tell it like it is no bullshit you could make this country grate again.. please have a good think about it Australia needs you ..mate please your country needs you I would love to se you enter politics before I die.. please use your god given gift to change the future.. we need new powerful young people like you to put this country back on track ..and you have been chosen by the gods to save this grate country .. politics is your destiny because when your serious and debating these boofheads you kick arse with your knowledge and style anyway mate hopefully one day soon you will se I am right .. so wake the fuck up Australia this man is our future leader vote jordies.. coming soon ..

  10. This reporting by the Project sent me into shock. I still haven't been able to close my gaping mouth. What a bunch of propaganda mongers. They will never be able to save face after this. I never watch the show anyway so I'm glad this was bought to my attention here.
    They're barely a 4 Corners anyway but the ignorant masses are too stupid to realise that. Disgusting to say the very least. ?

  11. Look, I'm totally against the clearing of koala habitats, but your statement that 9b dollars is a small amount in the wider economy misses the point entirely. While it may be a drop in the ocean in Sydney or Melbourne, in regional communites it is often what keeps the towns alive. Without the jobs from foresty, a lot of relatively small towns would be gone. These are the same small towns which provide resources to the farms and orchards which supply what's sitting on your dinner plate.

  12. There's still plenty of forest left, you don't realise how much forest we have until you start exploring them. I've found some great spots this year. We need to start doing burn offs in the winter tho, things look so much better after a small burn but if we leave it there's too much debris.

    You have to get out and enjoy the forest we have because it's good for your soul.