The Proliferation of COVID Variants

Taken from JRE #1705 w/Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying:

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  1. Mmh, so what ur telling me is that the unvaxed are not creating new variants but that the vaxed are the problem? Who knew…? 🙈🤣

    I'm so sick of everyone getting so rattled at unvaxed ppl who aren't even sick. Like, how are they going to get vaxed ppl sick if they don't even have it?

    The media is telling vaxed ppl to fear unvaxed to diistract everyone from their own incompetence.

  2. Joe, you really need to start thinking more about who you give the microphone. For 90% of listeners, this is only going to contribute to skepticism against vaccines. Is that really what you want to happen?

  3. The flu is a variant also einstein. We are in an endemic, meaning we are going to be living with this like we are the flu virus, so get comfy. It’s not as deadly as it was at first. Vaccines however….☠️☠️☠️

  4. I just downloaded covid And it fucking sucks – Chest tightness
    Night sweats
    No taste or smell
    Achy joints

    I’m 38 and was In the middle of training for a marathon to being laid up in my bed immobile –

    I didn’t take the vaccine and wish I had

    I might not make it

    Pray for everyone

    I can’t taste my Mackinaw peaches

  5. Dude, the people not getting vaccines are the ones creating the variants. This guy is a quack. Measles and every other vaccine were created during pandemics and endemic disease states… Get your vaccine facts from human doctors, not a vet…

  6. So dumb. As if you would wait when you have a vaccine that saves lives. Like 90% of lives from death or hospitalisation in over 50s and drastically lowers the risk for every age group. So dumb.

  7. Listen to this again and it's just hypothesizing and some common sense. We need to blah blah blah. Even the homeless guy by the bus station says that. HOW? What are the alternatives to this vaccine that can eradicate the other strains ? Give me a break

  8. Could we please get an expert on this topic with an opposing view to discuss this with Bret ? this is the problem with videos like that. One guy telling a story without anyone challenging him. yes he's an expert too but we don't know his motivation to tell this story.
    if there was a single guy telling the opposite story you wouldn't believe it, would you? so why believe him?
    i don't say he's wrong but i don't buy it either without a discussion.

  9. Name another virus that has done that? Where is the science? Its all guess work, folks. You are being manipulated with guess work. And, its a dangerous vaccine. Science has proven that.

  10. Several thoughts here:

    It does seem a bit like either planned obsolescence, or convenient obsolescence that people will need to get regular covid shots. Even if we don't pay out of pocket for them, someone is, and it benefits the companies making these vaccines. Plenty of motive for them to suppress any data that says people who naturally contract it have longer-lasting immunity.

    It's been an increasing trend in my observance lately that commenters, people I know, I think I maybe even saw the CDC website (unsure on that one) says that the current COVID vaccines have been shown to prevent serious disease and death, but not anything about stopping the spread and the transmission. Because it has been more effective on a broad scale of preventing serious disease than preventing transmission. I may be wrong but I am sensing a growing acceptance of this as and even belief that it was supposed to be designed this way. I understand we only have what we have right now, transmission is what makes a pandemic. Transmission is what is our biggest concern here regarding variants I would think because so long as something can still transmit to another human, it can mutate. If it mutates into something much worse and more deadly than now, this is a big concern.

    Bret mentions that the elements of Busch's model might be a little different but the outcome was what he predicted and that is what is more important. I disagree slightly. The crux and the chief concern right now is about the pieces that brought us to that outcome. There are two narratives right now: the unvaccinated are transmitting this virus more and are therefore increasing its chance to mutate, vs. those who are vaccinated are spreading it a little less than unvaccinated, but still somewhat, and it is enough to produce variants that are harsher and more resistant to the vaccine than previous versions. Finding out which is true is urgently imperative in my eyes. I hope there are efforts to look into this.

    I heard Bret say once that the delta variant came from unvaccinated people was pure propaganda and I have not heard how or why. I hear that Delta started in India after many were vaccinated therefore the vaccine introduction caused it, and then I hear it was all the people over there that were not vaccinated caused it.

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  12. This guy is a scholar but this is not a classroom. We are fighting a pandemic. He’s like a researcher criticizing on how a war should be fought when he’s not in the fighting ground. 90% nonsense

  13. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory but it really just doesn't make sense here. There are only about a half dozen pharma companies with vaccines on the market. Which means there are hundreds of established pharma companies, and thousands more early stage biotech startups, that see ZERO dollars from the covid status quo. What's their incentive exactly to not develop a broader vaccine? A conspiracy theory that involves tens of thousands of unrelated people acting against their self-interest, essentially passing up the opportunity for fame and fortune by developing what would clearly be a superior vaccine, just doesn't hold water. Just logically doesn't hold up.

    In my mind a more plausible explanation could be that the type of broadly targeted vaccine Weinstein envisions might have a different safety profile, or the FDA could just be worried that it would have a different safety profile, and therefore wouldn't get fast-tracked through the trial phases and thus would take years to hit the market.

    Sometimes cynicism is just a cheap way of trying to appear smart

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