The Proud Boys Do NOT Meet The BASIC Standards For Supremacists, They Are NOT Majority White

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and chairman of the Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio sit down to discuss what is wrong with the general public perception of the Proud Boys, starting with the basic assumption generated during the recent presidential debate that the Proud Boys are an extremist and white supremacist group.

Guest: Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys (@NobleLead on Parler)

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Let me start by saying that just because I posted a meme about the Proud Boys with this guy on it stating their not White Supremacists I was banned by Facebook for 7 days! They didn't give me a chance to retract my image or state that my free speech is important, etc. They just removed the meme and banned me, period! What I see happening no matter what the Proud Boys did they would have ended up in the same situation, in jail, because Antifa & BLM are protected by the highest courts and untouchable. They can riot, loot, vandalize, even kill others and it's harder for the law to get them, but God forbids someone else like the Proud Boys or anyone else tries to protect others, and boom they're arrested! We know for a fact that there's a biased on the media and the law arresting the innocent and protecting the thugs… we've seen it when cops kill thugs these thugs become heroes and the riots start all over non-stop. There was NO reason for Facebook to punish me for a simple meme when all they had to do was contact me to discuss it, but in a tyrannical Big Tech system as in communism, we don't have a say but the left does!

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    What you don't get Tim is they are all just flatly "Anti-American". They hate EVERYONE of our national icons, and want to destroy or defame our history and our nation.

  3. Tim Pool!! Get your facts straight home slice. Gavin started a drinking club where the guys literally would get shit faced. THATS IT. There was no "escalation". The Democrats just used the proud boys as an example bc they're one of the groups that does frequently shoe up to protests

  4. Do u know what he meant by his ancestors indigenous to Cuba? He.s part Arawak. the original natives of Cuba and the Greater Antilles. cousins of the Mayans, Aztecs, Caribs, Incas and native americans. A true west indian.

  5. Unabashed western chauvinists.

    That’s an idea I can get on board with. We deserve to be chauvinistic about who and what we are. Heck, why do so many wish to live in The West if we’re not the best.

    Go and live in squalor if you wish… I prefer a finer dish. And if it smells and tastes like freedom, that’s the dish for me!

  6. We should all stand behind the proud boys we know the tactics of violence is wrong but when you have a group like antifa marching andsaying down with America death to America burning American flag when is enough they don't like America they say death to Jesus when do you say enough.

  7. We love the proud boys and what they stand for America but the proud boys have to start walking to the leaders of these cities like the church the people itself that's what they did in the old days they got the people to stand up for themselves not in a violent manner but as a wall that no Force could break this would force the governments of this neighborhood Two Cities to bring into police

  8. The point is you can't let antifa say "This is our city and if you come here there will be violence." and then blame the violence on peole who go there.