The Proud Boys: The First White Supremacist Group Led by a Black Hispanic

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  1. The leader of the Proud boys is Enrique Tarrio, a half black Cuban American who is married to a black woman with whom he has children with.

    People seriously need to stop taking everything the media says at face value.

  2. there were people screaming from the rooftops that Alex was the canary in the coal mine for weeks after the initial banning. Whether you like Alex or not, he got done dirty. And don't for a second think that happened in a vaccum. He was specifically going after the Young Turks and he was visiting Rogan and overall gaining a wider acceptance and these scumbags in Tech Tyrantville decided enough is enough. Then people start backing away because they can see the power these silicone valley twats wield. It didn't take much to make Alex persona non grata. Literally checking a few boxes. Meanwhile simultaneously you then have a campaign against Gavin Mcginnis and Proud Boys in a similar fashion with the SPLC putting them on their notoriously fake "Hate map". Proud boys exist because of people attacking and trying to silence conservative speakers. Without that, Proud Boys would still be the elk's club type fraternity they set out to be.

  3. "doesn't matter if he's black or hispanic …Hitler was Austrian" …. seriously, this was the response i got from some libtard the other day about Enrique Tario

  4. They actually justify this on the various forums by saying you don't have to be white to be a white supremist. I suppose that could be true but give me a break…. I've watched and listened to these guys and that's clearly not what they are about. I'm not into joining groups but if I did, I would absolutely join them knowing I wasn't joining a fking bunch of whites only bullshit. It's clearly not what those guys are raging on. Biden is a fucktard and liar backed by a media that's pure evil.

  5. I've was looking at this last night…. The ADL list the Alt-Lite, the SPLD had to apologize for listing Dr Ben Carson as an extremist – they're only out to make money on lawsuits

  6. Yo Styx, at one time my blond blue eyed roomate was a Romney from Colonia Juarez Mexico. Mexican citizen, fluent Spanish speaker.

    I think he would be highly offended if you refered to him as Hispanic!

  7. Talk about a big oof condemned the group that is literally or was okay with him grabbing them by the p****. A bunch of alpha males proud chauvinistic. basically your modern-day Al Bundy's just with a greater sense of pride in their country than most Americans. The only thing controversial about them was the innate desire for modern feminists to quit with this pussification of the American male. This won't be one of the highlights for the Trump Administration that's for sure