The Psychological Reckoning

Their is a traumatic psychological reckoning coming as people everywhere wake to the disaster their governments have wrought upon them.

Just one example is Victoria, Australia where massive swaths of the state are ‘crippled’ with no ambulance coverage. Myriad other government services are progressively failing. People are dying unnecessarily, and will continue to die.

But beyond the physical, how do we deal with the mental trauma and psychological reckoning more and more are going through?

This is a segment from a full interview available at:

Dr Brendan Moloney is an expert in the formation and life cycle of cults, and explained the similarities in a wide ranging interview on parallel economies, parallel societies and parallel academic institutions.


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  1. I went to Melbourne International Airport Tullamarine yesterday. No requirement for Covid Certificate. On the way home visited a farm door selling fudge between Simpson and Timboon in SW Victoria. They required the Covid Certificate. UNFCKNGBLVBLE

  2. In January 2018 I lost my wife to cancer. I was shattered. I lived as a recluse, mired in grief. In early 2020 I was starting to believe I could rejoin life, and Andrews locked me up all over again. I will never forget and I will never forgive. I can no longer trust the police, and I am forced to fear them. The damage Andrews has done to the very fabric of Melbourne's society will not be repaired in my lifetime. I don't usually say this about anybody, but I utterly despise Daniel Andrews. I'm going to leave Victoria, but not before the next State Election. I absolutely MUST vote in that one.

  3. I love listening to you lads but this is far from over. A good starting point will be seeing Andrews & Sutton being arrested. Then maybe some folks will feel like they can begin to move on.
    They are both directly responsible for hundreds if not thousands of deaths & must be held fully accountable for them. Both of them & a few well documented others know full well they are all guilty under the Law & should be behind bars. Arrest Dan Andrews!

  4. I have been saying this since day one. Some people will never recover from this. This episode of psychological warfare has been particularly vicious. Doesn't matter which side of the fence you sit, everyone has been affected by it in some way. Trust has well and truly been lost in many of our major institutions. I have studied psychology, life as we know it has forever changed. Who knows what is in store for us in the next few years.

  5. I have PTSD from a domestic situation. But Andrews makes me feel so unwell when I see His face and when he speaks on the news. So I do not watch msm any more. I was put on anti depressants. Also I'm in my late 50s and now I feel controlled, I'm not used to this surreal life now.

  6. Absolutely gents, once the masses wake up and realise they've been conned and lied to by the "authorities". I feel for them, however the abuse being hurled from opposing sides is unacceptable and we need to agree to disagree. Peace and love is the way forward.

  7. South Australian here. I won't pretend for a second that we got it anywhere near as bad as NSW or Victoria, and my heart bleeds for all of you guys that got broken by your leaders decisions. But we have been feeling it here as well since the end of July. Arguably, the 6 months that has followed our last lockdown has been worse than the lockdown itself, at least for me. I work trolley collection at Coles, and the new normal is everywhere. You're surrounded by masks, and signs. You're blasted by automated PSA's hundreds of times a day. You're reminded constantly of the extra arbitrary rules, and while they're not really enforced in my mall, all it takes is a zealous Karen, or a pig with a bodycam, and it's all over. I'll do this for 38 hours a week, plus travel. Because of this, I've not gone anywhere aside from work for the past 6 months, because time at home is time not spent in the new normal. My gym routine is gone. My diet's gone to shit. I either have no energy to will myself out of bed on days off, or I struggle to get sleep in the evenings. I've lost contact with all of my friends, because I've sworn to black out all social media, and I'm even at odds with my family, who tell me that, 'it's just a mask.'

    This is going to sound messed up, but part of me fears that they DON'T lockdown this time. Reason being, is that a lockdown at least implies the intent to end the pandemic and get back to normal. No, what I'm really afraid of, is that they'll mandate mask wearing, distancing rules, QR code checks, vax checks, and even force a swab at the door. But they stop there, and never reverse it. And say that we need to live like this forever to keep the virus at bay. Forever.

  8. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about the past 2 years. The psychological damage done to society is almost irreparable. How easily we have fallen to tyranny is mind boggling. Before the pandemic I used to think about how populations 100 years ago fell to certain ideologies, and they let horrible things be done to them, simply because they were clueless. Now I know that 100 years from now people are gonna think back and see us the exact same way, that this happened because we were clueless. We let it happen.
    And the plus side, the wannabe tyrants turned up the heat so fast that many people who were on the fence have now woken up. We're still a minority, but people are waking up, and it couldn't have been done without the past 2 years. Theres a storm coming, and we must make the most of it.
    But I'm not gonna leave people reading this without advice – Resist the Demolition Man/Brave New World style technocratic dystopia we're bringing on ourselves. Vote anybody out who is pushing for more surveillance and more automation of anything.

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