The Raid On Donald Trump’s Home – Part Of The Problem 892

Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie discuss the Raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home and what it means for American politics moving forward!

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Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in Politics three times a week, with the promise of bonus episodes! Libertarian Philosophy mixed with a sense of humor, POTP is one of the leading voices in libertarianism.

Dave Smith is a New York based stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator. Dave can be seen regularly on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “Red Eye” on Fox News, as well as “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network. In 2013 Dave was featured as one of the New Faces at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He was also a featured performer on the New York Comedy Festival’s “New York’s Funniest” showcase in 2014 and 2015. Dave’s outlet for his social commentary is his podcast, “Part of the Problem,” which is available on iTunes. Dave is also co-host of “The Legion of Skanks” podcast, available on the GaS Digital Network.

Written by Dave Smith


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  1. They have been crawling up this man's asshole for 8 years and they have not found shit. They have tried falsifying evidence and it still didn't stick. I would not be surprised at all if they planted some deep fake or some weird forensic accounting situation that's a fringe law they are going to try and make a big deal to prevent him from running.

    I also thought it might be some evidence that Trump has on Epstein/Maxwell and their "friends" that the swamp wants gone. Epstein was a citizen of palm beach and was presumably doing funny biz there until Trump kicked him out. There's gotta be some interesting cctv footage….

  2. So you talk crap on Trump and Jan 6th, then the FBI raids Trump to remove him as a viable candidate to vote for, then what do you think people should do? Vote? Clearly that is no longer an option if they falsify evidence against Trump. If they find real documents and convict him, it's still a demonstration that we will remove all non-controlled opposition since they let Clinton destroy evidence in the middle of an investigation over the same matter. Libertarians truly are a disease to any movement to push back against the left.

  3. Does anyone think that Trump "is" playing 4D Chess? Possibly he knew there was a "plant" from the FBI? And, with publicity waning, threw a false flag to the FBI while embarrassing them at the same time? Genius?

  4. Trump has had literally thousands of people looking for crimes he committed. Not one thing has been found. Now it's our turn to do the same to the Dems. You have no idea what most people feel about this . Anger is to light a word.

  5. Grover Cleveland was the only President to serve 2 terms non-consecutively (22nd and 24th). He was defeated by Benjamin Harrison (23rd) and he then defeated Harrison in the next presidential election. If Trump runs and wins it will be only the second time in U.S. history. Harrison lost reelection Cleveland due to high tariffs, excessive federal spending (reaching $1 billion for the first time) and an economic depression. Deja vu?

  6. They probably would have found something if they turned off the security cameras like they wanted…😉 but nope they stayed on. Also as far as j6 i think alot of people thought he would sign the insurrection act… oh and dave the dems have been backing trump picked peeps in the primaries (as weird as that sounds) because they believe those peeps cant win in the general… then right after all those primaries this happens and im sure we are far from the end… get it?

  7. They really are terrified that Trump will win the next election and are doing literally anything to stop from happening. American Patriots, this is your time, act now or regret it for the rest of your life.

  8. wtf dude, those shirts are amateur af.

    the 'graphic artist' didn't properly vectorize or "clean up" the image or background.

    if you want a washed-out 'punk style' graphic, there are way better approaches.

    wearing that white shirt will make you look like you got jazzed on through a screen door.

    when i'm done with my current project, i will send you a graphic for free.

    either way, pls hire any graphic artist. (Preferably libertarian)

  9. I find it weird when these people keep saying the highest level of confidentiality, because it's actually a three-tier system. Confidential, secret and top secret. So why don't they just say "top secret" if that is what it is?

  10. To say Trump did nothing good as president is really petty. We had the best boarder security, We had the highest number of people working in our nation's history. Wages were beginning to increase before covid BS. Regulations had been drastically reduced. And although I didn't agree with every foreign policy he had, he did not start any new wars, he did talk with North Korea, Russia and China's leaders. Things were more peaceful than they had been for a long time. He has talked about the Jan. 6 people caught up in this BS too, even saying he will be pardoning them when he gets back into office. I don't believe he realized he was being duped by so many RINOs and neocons in the beginning of his presidency, listening to their advice on personnel, etc. But, I think he started realizing it in his last year in office as he did start to change positions. I think too, that he was waiting until after the election in 2020 to really do much more. The election was definitely stolen from him, the proof out there now is tremendous! Say what you will about his character flaws, but, personally I believe President Trump truly loves this country and tried his best to do what he thought was good for it, and us. You have to admit he did have to put up with all the negative press, and attacks by the deep state, legal fights from all directions, on him personally, and his policies. Time that was wasted. These communists globalists are the ones you need to concentrate your hate towards.

  11. the Trump raid is an attempt to recreate the Obama effect (triggering trump by saying "trump will never be president")

    democrats are literally funding trump-loyalist's midterm election campaigns… EVEN NPR REPORTED THIS.

    it's a trap for conservatives. the Roe decision is part of this same Hail-Mary tactic. Dems are desperate.

  12. He wasn't allowed to put in whoever. He could only pick the least worst choices. If he fired Fauci, everyone would've flipped. He definitely exaggerated his impact, but I doubt he would've been allowed to just fire everyone. Hopefully he gets another chance, but he won't. The system is rigged.

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