The RBA Crunch Continues…

A quick review of the RBA cash hike today, and the implications.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

Written by Walk The World


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  1. This is great news for anyone wanting another investment property. Guaranteed fantastic rent return. positively geared all the way. Free house with money in your pocket as well 🥳
    Exciting times 👏🏽

  2. It staggers me that nobody actually considers that the cash rates is 1.85%. So it rose from near zero, it is still 1.85%. The ABS is running a disinformation campaign worthy of ASIO. I couldn't believe it, minutes after the decision they had a Financial 'Counsellor' on the screen talking of how she was seeing more people. It was as if Aunty was expecting Aussies to start throwing themselves out of office windows at 2.31pm. The Cash Rate is 1.85%.

    Look back at all other inflationary episodes, have they collapsed like the RBA is predicting? This is a disinformation campaign Mr. North. The conservative estimate of our inflation rate is over 6%. And, … its going to dissolve? Just dissolve.

    Just dissolve, while growth continues? Jesus Mr. North who's that gullible?

  3. The world economy is shit, they are just raising rates so they can lower them and buy time until cbdc's are ready to roll out. They will go negative and destroy the current system first. Either way they have a plan they pretend to be dumb…

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