The RBA’s Australian Exceptionalism Theory

What if the RBA’s monetary policy is too weak? Perhaps we are not as exceptional, and we may be following parallel tracks to those in New Zealand and The Federal Reserve. How different are we really?

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  1. to get us to take the cbdc next year , they need us feeling a lot of pain . because all govt payments will be by cbdc ,
    and it wont an aussie cbdc . i am picking a imf cbdc for the whole world

  2. It is painful to watch Lowe flailing about in the vain hope that something will happen to fix his problems for him. Hard to believe that we pay near $1m a year for such feeble and faint–hearted leadership.

  3. Yep, instead of going to 5% now, Lowe will sit on his hands, leave the cash rate somewhere around 3% until next year sometime when it will become evident that the RBA has lost control of inflation which will have blown out to 10%+ due to the loose policy. Lowe will then be forced to go up to 6%.

  4. Some background … Phillip Lowe was appointed by … wait for it … the Treasurer of Australia Scum-oh Morrison on 18 September, 2016 because the RBA are part of Treasury. Anyone think Scum-oh didn't instruct Lowe to take interest rates close to zero and hold them there for as long as possible to make the Morrison Treasury and Prime Ministership look great with all this free money – hense Lowe's pre election statement 'Interest rates wont rise until 2024'?

  5. RBA trying to reinvent itself,obfuscate to try to save,the public selloffs,big debt etc pretend economy era is nearly over,big forced changes are coming,(ideally too scrap present RBA and complicit paymasters,etc).

  6. Every single empire in history thought they were exceptional with fractional reserve lending and creating currency out of thin air as debt.
    “All fiat currencies return to their intrinsic value — zero.” Voltaire

  7. The problem is Martin that your theory is that higher interest rates will both reduce inflation and is the only factor in housing values, you are very wrong. Both these theories assume that both spending and house prices are predominately influenced by mortgages, wrong. More houses have no mortgage, than a mortgage with only 35% with a mortgage. So increasing interest rates actually increases net spending capacily as more with savings than a mortgage and equally as with 65% than own their home, a similar number buys a new one. Building a new home isnt getting cheaper and the highest lift in rates in 40 years and the highest rates in 2 decades hasnt impacted supply driven inflation, if your theories were correct woukd have seen that by now.

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