The real battle is happening in Bakhmut. US searches for second front

The real battle is happening in Bakhmut. US searches for second front
The Duran: Episode 1385



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  1. Russia has problems in facing all of the NATO. It take them all they have, with no real military alliances. As long as Ukrainian national guard and merci Aries are willing to fight, and Russia is unvilling to retaliate by attacking Kiev, there is no vinning in this. Russia is too weak for this.

  2. Late 1960s USA: The Pentagon Papers, "demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance".
    2023 USA: The Ukraine Papers, "demonstrated, among other things, that the Biden Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of Russia's unjustified containment policies intended to cripple Russia at any cost, including using Ukraine soldiers as dispensable pawns."

  3. Every educated person knows that the US is behind the war in Ukraine so I’m sure that Russia knows this only too well.
    Why doesn’t Russia just fight with USA and cut off the serpent’s head while they still have the fire power ???
    This really puzzles me.

  4. Nancy Pelosi was clyring as shown in the thumbnail, because she could now contain her joy while thinking how much money she could make by having more wars. She has lived a long life, 82 years already. She should go to 'rest in peace' voluntarily and give the world a respite. Sleepy Joe is half way there.

  5. Donbas is where seoncd line ukrainian TDF inflict heavy losses on the Russians in Return. Meanwhile Russia fires small salvos at Ukrainian powerstations only for them to be repaired in like a week.

    America meenwhile is stealing Russias old market in europe and leveraging its' oil surplus.

  6. There were two recent military plane deliveries to Azerbaijan, one from Belarus and the other from Israel, Armenians know very well the US cant and wont protect them if they changed sides yet even after years of pressure from Armenian lobbies the US still provides Azerbaijan with military weapons, its a very complicated situation and one Armenia is stuck in, the only real solution is create a garrison state.

  7. russian dont harm Ukrain Humans Onle Ultranazionalistas (NAZIS) tats wye it taks so long the SS taks the humans as a schild as a Shelter as Presion or falsflagg !! dont beliv the rusians kilss its a big lie ! iam swiss i know wat i say

  8. Those Iranian drones are finally appearing “
    There was video of those drones that had been brought down in Ukraine 10 days ago, and they’re not small suicide drones, they have an engine the size of a street bike.

  9. [19:32] As for the long range missiles, they certainly won't be used on targets they can hit with their short range missiles. The consequences of the use of long range missiles by Ukraine will depend on the what (and where) exactly they decide to hit with them.

  10. When will the American people come to their sense, or they are playing exactly the same game like the German people were playing in the ww2, they were pretending that they didn't know about the atrocities committed by their own government, the difference is that the German people were doing that for only 3 to 4 years max, but the American people are doing that for decades, the American government have killed five hundred thousand children in just one country, all world was furious about that. But the American people were welcoming those child murderers with standing ovations, thank you for your service. 😠😠😠, some psychopath have killed couple of children in USA, the entire country have gone crazy about that, but they simply don't care for 500000 children killed by the American soldiers.

  11. The military industrial Complex is the Pfizer of war. How much money Brandon family and politicians are making. Globalist are keeping this going. I'm not shocked when Neo-cons are trying to expand the conflict…it is STUNNING to see Democrats are leading the charge into expanding. Amazing how Pelosi is encouraging Armenia to offer up human treasure. It seems U.S. just can't stay out of other peoples business

  12. If Zalensky agreed the Minsky accord and be neutral war can be avoided, so sad now Putin cannot stop the war and more people die everyday and still wesr sent more and more weapons to kill both ukranian and Russian. ((((

  13. I respect your joint and separate channel analysis, have followed it for years. The discussion regarding the position as of now, in particular Azerbaijan’s September 2022 war of aggression in the Caucasus against the sovereignty of Armenia, lacks shades, it is not just the stark black and white discussed here.

    Fundamentally your line is not incorrect, in my view. Rather, there are levels of subtlety worthy of caution and exploration, eg exploring the position of Iran more closely as regards the desire of some there for rapprochement with the United States (despite Israel’s enormous levels of interference).

    So in summary, thank you for noting this latest angle to world affairs, but do explore it more from a local perspective rather than only the “second front” big picture that can lead to analytical distortions of facts on the ground.

  14. rand corporation report. Extending Russia from 2019. take a look to the index…. there are two interesting ones….. arming ukraine with lethal weapons. and the other is. creating tension on the bordering countries of russia….
    all you said was written in 2019 and even before….

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