The REAL Heroes And Villains Revealed!

The REAL Heroes And Villains Revealed!

In the video we reveal who made our heroes and villains Christmas list for 2022.

The shirts –

Written by WeAreChange

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  1. The guy who talked about world overpopulation years ago as he climbed into his billionaire chair now wants to save everybody with his injectables and ingestables,,,, results will make their science more believable….and they cull and collect the profits for the win… more billionaires made

  2. Waiting! Waiting! Nothing will ever happen, the government will never correct itself. We must act or we will fall. Voting Is legally corrupt and can't be trusted. How many times have you watched someone slowly lose an election day by day after the election was over?

  3. Hey Luke, Does Atlas chew that bone into pieces? I bought 2 bones similar to the one you just opened, except not as large. My lab chewed through the bone and it became this super sharp dangerous looking thing that I took away and put in the trash. I just returned the other bone and got a soft chewy toy instead, but I was curious if Atlas ends up destroying that bone or not, and if not what is the brand of that thing? Thanks and have a Merry Christmas !

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