The real minimum wage is $0.00

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Increasing the minimum wage will have consequences.


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  1. Your logic is wrong. The extra cost of minimum wage would be shared between customers and producers. Its not zero sum game and its good for economy too since those whose wages are minimum almost certainly spend all. Stimulus without bubble.

  2. Just watch Fight Club. If the servants can't live, the rich have to do it themselves. We need a living wage, to keep the servants alive, happy and motivated to get out of bed, not be depressed. My great great grandfather worked at Massey Harris Sunshine Harvester works. Was a worker during the legal case that started the minimum wage. My family never escaped the region of Western Suburbs. The wages just keep you alive ,but not cashed up enough to move far from the original region. I think a minimum wage is required, it ensure excess profits don't flow to the wealthy. It keeps everyone kind of on the same page. I think Australia has a good system. There is plenty of work if you want it, for ll the retards there is 250 a week centrelink to survive on noodles and metho, don't bother us, stay home and watch TV and don't go to work and fu ck up the normal people

  3. They will bring in UBI when the unemployment spikes from the fallout to this. They need to keep the citizens spending and consuming.

  4. Australians are being robbed blind . How our government cannot look after 25mil civs, while we supply china with enough commodities to build their future cities and the rest of the world's. Meanwhile we have 25 coal power plants to china's 1100 and 53 nuclear and we have to focus on going green and deal with blackouts and rising energy prices . World's gone mad

  5. The ones who are going to suffer the most are private businesses and employees of those businesses. As they wont be able to compete with tax payer backed government contractors and businesses. They talk about bringing manufacturing back to Australia and one of the leading causes of it leaving was the cost of wages. The first thing they do is increase wages, brilliant dont worry they will get you on the other side by higher taxes and interest rates. Trust me if you look at were the Australian dollar is heading interest rates have to go up, so Australians can still afford to buy finished products from overseas without run away inflation.

  6. If they stopped the syphoning of cash offshore as business expenses, the less taxes or wages need to be paid….

    you and I could setup an import company, subscribe to IT products from Ireland, bank in Hong Kong, pay ourselves minimum wage
    and syphon most of our profit offshore as a business expense……
    leaving 5% profit left to be taxed at the company rate………the ATO will be dead in the water….

    THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG…….and screws over other Aussies big time….

  7. We've got a great new circular economy coming.
    We've finally got a great PM. And a great team leading Australia.
    And now, low income workers will be spending money like crazy, boosting business.

  8. So lowest paid guy gets a raise. Skilled worker next to him demands a raise to keep his status etc based on skill, experience, value to the business etc. Eventually everyone gets a raise. Inflation/cost of living goes up. End result, no change in the situation except we are now a third world country with the $1,000,000 note to buy a litre of milk.

  9. In Singapore, there are a lot of restaurants doing away with waiters, and resorting to self ordering, just using tablets at the table.
    And they have cheap foreign labour.

  10. This is why we either need more small business, collective ownership, everyday ppl owning industrial robots & anti-fatcat first policies OR we have a corporate dystopia. No worker (inc you Heise can compete with a robot). What else would be your alternative?

  11. Everyone can’t be an architect Heise. It’s all well and good to just say “everyone should just upskill” but there isn’t enough upskilled jobs for everybody. Fact of the matter is that back in the day you could buy a house and have a decent existence even with a single breadwinner in an unskilled manufacturing job. Now you can’t even pay the rent and food with two people having basic jobs. You need two professional jobs now just to buy a house.

  12. The amount of super for employees will go up too. The percentage stays the same but the amount its calculated on will be higher and don't forget workcover, and loading on annual leave. You have holiday hours aside you'll get it at the higher rate. Great for the employee but what about the business owners. The difference has to be pulled out of someone where. 🕳💩 Just add it to all the other running costs going up. Squash the businesses enough and employees could unfortunately rock up to closed gates.

    I think one of the frustrating things is employees are rarely held accountable. Make a mistake on a job and the employee still gets that pay check and… gets paid to fix it. 🤔

    Employees mindset with entitlements is shocking!!

  13. Minimum wage is less than $0. The year before my grandpa began his apprenticeship parents had to pay for their child to train. He was lucky the rules changed and he got a shilling a week to do his apprenticeship (he used it to buy his family a chicken per week for the Sunday roast) he was stoked and thought they were getting robbed.

  14. After filling in a survey my company emailed me about job opportunities after they had identified I am a aboriginal/Torres strait Islander, I damn near spat out my coffee.

    Currently looking to change jobs, not happy working for racists.

  15. Its a stupid argument. Its like, if you don't let businesses pay $5 an hour, there will be less jobs. Well, do we really want to let businesses hire people for $5/hour? How good are those jobs? The reason why we have a minimum is to stop that race to $0/hour (slavery). We are saying as a society, we don't want businesses to be able to hire people for $5 or 10 or whatever below the minimum because its exploitative.

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