The REAL Reason Airlines Are Canceling 1000’s Of Flights

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  1. Early retirements happened many months before the vax even came out. Delta air lines early retirements for pilots closed out Sept of 2020. Other employees retired even earlier.

  2. I knew months and months ago – EVERYTHING is f-ed up, not because of the "great resignation" BS story that the powers that shouldnt be made up to cover for the lack of people to populate the positions of airlines and numerous other jobs.

    People werent "resigning" – they were "resigned" to NOT get the clot shot. Clever play on words huh?

    And by the way, one day, hopefully sooner, rather than later, people will start to realize that THIS TOO was all part of the plan by the MFers & the WEFers to collapse the global economies to implement their not so new world order – its just going to be a one world government after that.The inbreds that those WEFers & Klaus actually work for. THEY are the only real disease that mankind should be concerned with. That innoculation is going to take different kinds of "shots."

    So the question is, will mankind choose 1984 or 1776? We already know and are waking up to what THEIR plan is – Agenda 21, 2030 & 2050. Read that…. and do the math.

  3. The avg air traffic controllers job responsibilities increased by 35% in the past year. It was already one of the most stressful jobs before staffing issues. I don’t know about you but I want those guys in the tower happy.

  4. THANK YOU! I've been saying that all along. The airlines are getting what they deserve. And all the complaining travelers who went along with this vaxxx BS are getting what they deserve for going along with it all.

  5. Don’t forget these pilots are all retired Air Force anyways so they already on a pension, early retirement or flying as a private contractor? Not a problem.

  6. Wow "flying is an ordeal" says Jimmy.
    Our forebears despise our weakness. You know, those people who spent 6 months on a wagon to go 2500 miles while fending off wild animals and pissed-off local warriors.

  7. It is all part of the "Great Reset" game on Humanity !
    Gas over $6/ gallon to restrict ordinary people from driving, 39% auto production cut in 2021, remote schooling, work from home, stay home , shop from home, order everything online, don't ho out to meet or talk to any other human being etc. etc….
    The is one of the biggest CON games ever pulled on Humanity all over the world,,!!! Sad but true..

  8. Besides being forced into early retirement, maybe people in every industry are tired of being paid and treated like shit. So you lost the people you forced out because they didn't want their bodies violated and you lost the people trying to pick up the slack cause getting paid peanuts for being responsible for hundreds of lives simply isn't worth it.

  9. Boomers made up 17% of the working populaton in the US. Last year was the half-way point for the boomer generation to reach retirement age. About 40% of the boomers had retired when Covid happened, then a lot of them took early retirement either to reduce their exposure to infection or because they didn't want to take the jab. That didn't make much difference when everything was shut down, but now that things are closer to normal it makes a hell of a big difference in staffing levels. We're seeing it in airlines because flight cancellations during demand surges (especially around the holidays) get a lot of press coverage but it's really becoming noticable in all the medical feilds and food service industries as well. Expect it to start showing in the trades next.

    Buckle up though, all the younger and remaining boomers who are working past retirement age are likely to leave the workforce between now and 2030. That's close to 8% of the nation's workers, and a lot of them will be the ones with thirty or forty years of work experience in their industries.

    Now you might think, no problem, all the zoomers coming into the workforce will make up for that…

    You would be wrong. There are 400,000 less zoomers starting to work than the number of boomers who are due to retire this year. In 2029 there will be 900,000 less zoomers entering the workforce than the number of boomer likely to retire. That's another four to five million positions that will be going unfillled during the remainder of this decade on top of the current four million worker shortfall because of the 'great resignation' thing currently going on. Add to that the zoomers are just starting their careers and have only a few years experience…

    What is going on right now is not a blip, it's a major demographic shift. We are heading for trouble.

    If you work with a boomer, treat them nice and encourage then to stick around past early retirement, even if they are only willing ot work part-time.

    They might be a pain in the ass and probably aren't very 'woke', but we really need them right now.

  10. There is nothing going on they sell more tickets then they have seats, so they can overpriced the ticket. When u get there they say fly was cancel .. easy scam way to make money is just corruption

  11. Have to disagree, most airline pilots and their union say very different things. Flights are being canceled because of the "just in time" logistical farce that ultimately results in skeleton crews, 80hr work weeks, and as few pilots as possible to make the trips. Which is why Delta pilots went on informational pickets the past few days. So while yes the vaccine was an issue for pilots. It was the straw that broke the camels back, which ignores the rest of the straw on the camel. The real truth is the shortage of pilots and flight cancellations is the culmination of the decades long speed-up campaign by the airline companies and the pilots are too overworked, havent had a raise since 2016, and too fed up to deal with it anymore.

  12. Conspiracy theory warning!!!
    Once enough of us realize that all of the disastrous crap we’ve been witnessing and living through is part of the coordinated, genocidal, and treasonous take down of western civilization only then might we put an end to all of the madness… but seeing the extent of the brainwashing and cowardice of the American people, it seems the awakening and growing of testicles necessary to stop this is highly unlikely

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