The REAL Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired By Fox News!

Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been abruptly fired from his choice primetime show on the network. Carlson has consistently been the only voice on cable news calling out the war machine, criticizing his fellow media commentators for doing advertisers’ bidding and rejecting claims from Big Pharma. And now he’s gone!

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to special guest Jimmy Dore about the silencing of Tucker Carlson.

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  1. Do we need any further evidence that we are ruled over by an evil greedy selfish immoral class of criminals that control the congressional military industrial complex. The pharmaceutical companies are greedy criminals who must be eliminated. The United States is a failure. This is what our constitutional republic has evolved into: a bipartisan plutocracy that is rapidly transforming the United States into totalitarian one party state that cannot be removed through elections.

  2. I know I'm one. A life long Democrat. I can't even watch the network's & now not even Fox anymore. Tucker was a refreshing voice in the wilderness of network's. Can't wait for how Tucker comes back on a independent platform. Go Tucker!!! for the record I'm a boomer @ 69 years 😊

  3. I'm 2nd gen immigrant to America and am wholeheartedly AGAINST an open border policy. Regular immigration is great of course but an unending open door will destroy the country. Also, as in other western countries you can immigrate and win a government position because you've brought in a voting base. Look at England. There is no laws saying you can't immigrate and run for office but many do not love our country nor do they share our values. with open borders, there;s a fine line betweeen migration & invasion. Keep in mind, our country has been at war for decades, we have a lot of enemies

  4. I think you all missed the point; those illegal immigrants in the caravan were criminal in context to illegal entry into the USA. If you want to immigrate do it the correct legal way, the DemonRat leftist socialist party pushed this so they could have more votes from these legals.

  5. There is a reason why every nation in the world- INCLUDING OUR OWN- has a formal process by which a would-be citizen of that
    nation is validated- or not. Does Aaron Mate believe that the millions openly disregarding that process should just be waved on in regardless?
    That we alone among nations ought to dispense with the tiresome formality of having a border at all?

  6. Jimmy love ya….to answer your question why someone would walk across Mexico to steal a car in the US. Answer: because you want to steal a car without going to jail …… or if you do get out in 30 minutes if you promise not to do it again.

  7. Fox set up a phoney "settlement" with Dominion to give cover to the election steal. Dominion exposed themselves to discovery by suing. Fox could have forensically examined all the machines used in 2020. They didn't. Why? They could have them proclaimed, "we had independent contractors examine the machines and they're clean" putting the suspicion to rest. Instead, they chose not to. Why? The evidence of the 2020 election is the votes. They still haven't been shown.

  8. Boycott Fox. There's no reason to watch now anyway that Tuck is gone. He was the only one with any integrity at Fox, I hope he goes independent and all his audience follows him. I'd love to see people vote with their feet on this

  9. RFK Jr. is the reason. They CANNOT have Democrats think they have an intelligent choice other than Biden. And they REALLY cannot have independents get a look at RFK Jr. either.

  10. Maybe Aaron could look more deeply at immigration, it's a nuanced issue. I agree with the theory that some immigration enriches lives. But immigration to keep wages low does not enrich. Immigration numbers at a certain level produces instability in the incumbent population eg housing is just one example. Is that enriching. Calling people racists just doesn't cut it for a solution.

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