The Real Talk Backs Jussie Smollett

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In this video I discuss the show “The Real Talk” & how even post conviction they still support Jussie Smollett. I laugh at how ridiculous their arguments are but by the end I find common ground with an unlikely person
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  1. Really fun how they say the system is racist, then switch to you can’t trust the police, but the police chief is black in Chicago, so they can’t go with its racism, they have to say it’s police. So you can’t trust whites you can’t trust black people if they’re cops. Ok so now they’re demonizing even more people… then they say “ well he’ll probably only get community service “ so then …. The system really isn’t that racist since that’s basically just a slap on the wrist which is exactly what the dog walker lady got but they used it as an example of how the system isn’t fair to black people. Like the mental gymnastics it takes to contradict yourself multiple times in an argument must be exhausting

  2. "What happened to Jussie was a prime example of racism and bigotry"

    Jussie convicted for staging the entire event

    "Punishing Jussie for what he did would be a prime example of racism and bigotry!"

  3. There was a race hoax in canada where this muslim guy claimed his daughters hijab was cut by a white man, and was proven to be made up, it then became illegal for any canadian news station to criticize this race crime hoax

  4. The ENTIRE liberal cabal is at a complete loss with Juissie being found, or actually proven guilty.
    They literally have no idea how to address it. Double down? Back peddle? Or do like these cackling hens did and just drag the race card out.

  5. Crap actor. Hes going to jail. Just because your famous you dont get out of trouble. Alec baldwin. Jussie smollet dividing people with FAKE domestic terrorism. Staging a hate crime. Put him in jail,he is the worst kind of person.

  6. Hay pay attention now and think about it . Who has more money ? The black , black guys who were hired or the man that was paying them . Of course BLM it's all about the bucks . This is how to afford multi million buck houses . Who is the big fool in this whole capper ? The average black who supports BLM , not much different than the democratic party or Jessie Jackson. Praying on the weak and gullable .

  7. It will always be Racist and wrong ,Unless you agree and Follow with the Woke Leftist BS.
    We now all Know the True Racists and Jussie Smoolett is the biggest Racist combined with the hate of Straight white Males .
    Jussie Himself is a Disgusting Human being

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