The reality of Covid-19 (ft. Jay Bhattacharya)

Stanford health professor and co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration Dr. Jay Bhattacharya has been a vocal critic of lockdown policies, prolonged mandates and heavy-handed public health restrictions. The Great Barrington Declaration set out to show the world that a significant number of medical doctors and scientists did not approve of lockdowns and other heavy handed restrictions.

Dr. Bhattacharya joins The Rupa Subramanya Show to discuss the winners and losers of the pandemic, which countries got it right, which countries got it wrong and the big takeaways people should have after almost nearly 3 years of Covid.

Dr. Bhattacharya and Rupa also discuss the effectiveness of masks, if mandates actually work and how public health policies divided society more than ever.

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  1. I'm not worried about a mandate. Not only do I think people will feel it's silly and simply not comply at this point, but I think the fact that the parents at that Ottawa school board meeting were so incensed at the idea is a barometer for how people generally feel about this issue. That along with Kieran Moore being caught at a swanky cocktail party not following his own advice and it actually being reported in all the mainstream news.

  2. I was on my back for a week. Breathing fire into my lungs. I had to work to pull in every breath. My ribs ached as I shivered with cold bed-sweats. I lost a 17 pounds and felt like crap for months. That was in 2007 and back then it was called the flu.

  3. The fact that doctors worldwide were censored and silenced and not allowed to treat any of their own patients with therapeutics that were actually working, to order these doctors to stop treatments was criminal, to not even allow doctors to try is not sound Health care, and to not even investigate the therapeutics that many doctors were having positive outcomes is not sound Health care, experts worldwide were silenced and censored this is not sound Health care, those responsible for these criminal behaviors must be held accountable, I personally have lost faith in health Canada and don't trust any of them, they are all criminals and should face justice.

  4. What I will say is that maybe as kids had a reprieve from being in our WOKE schools maybe just maybe they will have benefited in some way. I say the way to save our children is to STOP sending them to our schools which is ground ZERO for all of this BS. I sent my kids to the same school that JT was a bad drama teacher/groomer- WORST investment of my life. oh and I have no idea who JT is just like Chrysta Freeland didn’t know who Dave is – for anyone who watched the Emergency Act Commission today.

  5. I'm very grateful for Dr. Jay Bhattacharya's courage, research, and his logical/reasonable approach towards finding an ideal solution.
    I chose to follow his take early on, and I'm glad I did.

  6. The WHO and leaders were giddy with the notion that they could get away with it. Leadership has the nasty inclination to wish everyone under their responsibility to'just behave'. Covid gave that oligarchy the possibility to implement that wish with the psychological knowledge that the mass of population on earth are nieve or ignorant of the character of viruses and socially over dependant and trusting of governments to be the answer to all problems.

  7. Rupa, great interview as always. My request is if you could have this broken down into segments that I can share with freinds that will never spend the time to view the entire stream. Like the fogged glasses, so simple and direct, easy to understand. The fear is so powerful – people just look for anything to ease it.

  8. Google and YouTube are pushing this covid garbage with the ads. Ontario has a new Moderna factory doesn't it? Follow the money and you'll find a greedy pig, a fancy socks girl boy….a wicked witch….on and on. Just stinks of liberalism

  9. China protested for democracy and the gov of China gave them covid and spread it across the world.
    Now they're trying to take over with lgbtq bs and spying and sending in immigrant communist sympathizer over and over til there's not enough Canadians left to even support there own democracy and they can just take out country
    We need them out forever 🙏


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