The RECESSION of 2023 will be worse than they’re telling us | Redacted w Natali and Clayton Morris

In August, the consumer price index came in at 8.3%. That means that you are spending 8.3% more for all the things you normally buy, all things being equal. That’s bad news when you consider the White Collar recession we are facing. The White Collar recession is what the media is calling the layoffs coming to banks and other Wall Street darlings.

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Written by Redacted


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  1. They're denying everything because they know that if they admit the truth that their policies have essentially begun America's second recession in 14 years, the American people won't vote for them this November and they'll begin to lose their grip on the power they are so bloodthirsty for. They have no choice but to lie to the American people in order to cover their own asses.

    These people hate anyone who isn't above the middle class and the working poor and they want to destroy every last one of us, in order to implement a new regime of the bottom 90% suffering, while the remaining 10% look down at us from their ivory towers and laugh at our suffering.

  2. Spending in real terms is not on students, not on building, not on improving peoples lives but on Ukraine my dear ones, on the military complex, on the intelligence, and on subverting other nations, and creating trouble with China, Russia, Iran, lebanon, Kosovo, and Armenia.

  3. Did you know that the Secretary of Defense through his department is asking American Soldiers to apply for Food Vouchers, because they are not receiving enough wages to pay for their bills and their food, yet the budget for defense is around $840 billion when Russia spends only $65 billion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. Obama almost put us through this too they want this to explode they want to get rid of our monetary system for their own global New World Order system that China rent represents I thought China was our enemy doesn't look like that does it looks like enemies or frenemies

  5. Biden and von der Lying loud mouth and nato are busy fucking up Germany's economy big time.Von der Leyon should actually be imprisoned with Habeck Beer🍺bock and Schulz.They are the undertakers of Germany

  6. They’re spending trillions to correct the climate. What are they going to do when it doesn’t work. We know we can clean up the air. Emission controls accomplished that years ago in Las Angeles when smog was choking everyone. But it didn’t help the climate. Climate is Gods business, we’re kidding ourselves.

  7. the burger has close to meat from 6000 cows , farmers market come from shipped goods most up the mississippi , grown in S America sprayed with round up and look up Europe dirty dozen fruits with over 127 pesticides on them same here check out above ground world news , headlines with a voice , enterthestars and crowdsource the truth 7, 8,

  8. A few things here. Biden keeps saying that inflation is not really happening and is a good thing to help boost the economy. So if that's the case then why did we need an inflation reduction act?
    Also if they used the same calculation for inflation that they used in the early 80s the inflation rate would be closer to 19.5%.

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