The Red Pilling of Maajid Nawaz

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  1. The NBA take a knee in America but when in China and the CCP anthem play they stand for it or be fired. Thus taking two knees for the communists.lmao

  2. Sad to see Maajid go.

    I also don't agree with QAnon, but their declaration that the west is run by paedophiles/criminals isn't necessarily unfounded. I can totally see how the last couple of years seems to point that way for many people. Maybe no John Podesta secret pizza parties, but Prince Andrew, the Clintons ect all have Epstein connections and hold positions of power. Pretty sure half the institutions of the UK are really there to protect the people above from the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately the UK's prevalence of state mandated grooming gangs and protection of war criminals doesn't help with the peoples view on them.

  3. I’m an Australian and I don’t get why you don’t call the grooming gangs Muslim. When I hear Asian I think Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai ect. India and Pakistan Make me think the sub continent not Asia? I wouldn’t call those places Asia like I wouldn’t say Australia is Asia. It’s in the area but it’s not the same thing

  4. Very sad to see dissenting voices frozen out of the public debate in our fine 'liberal' democracy. (Particularly as he's been such a hero in coming over to the side of democracy against Jihadism.) What Betrayal of a good man.!

  5. Please someone remind Maajid that he's needed on Rumble. Lately real liberals are moving onto Rumble. If liberals keep going onto Rumble, it will mean we'll have an alternative to YouTube that isn't a right-wing ghetto. The way feminists keep liberal men from speaking is by first banning them from mainstream media and then making sure all non-mainstream sites are right-wing-only zones. Both the Labor Party and the Democratic Party have one main fear, that right and left will carry on discussions without them moderating for their corporate overlords.

  6. 'Progressive tactics'? That may be how the woke view their own actions, but such tactics are far from progressive.
    More like incredibly regressive to the point of medieval (a mentality that the Fascists, National Socialists and Communists of the twentieth century all tapped in to).
    By that definition, therefore, the woke are incredibly, and very old school, conservative. This is what I see throughout the whole of the woke movement – new words taped over medieval mentality and thought. A period of our history that was very conservative, very collectivist, very religious, anti-true science, anti-liberal, and pre-Enlightenment.

    I could, of course, be totally wrong. But that is the lens through which I choose to view the woke movement – and they continue to reinforce that view.

  7. LBC is the British Fox News!

  8. BLM is a violent Marxist terrorist organisation who hides behind the slogan black lives matter to further its political goals and uses the slogan to grift money from well meaning and naive people.

  9. I remember that he was on the cusp of being red pilled for years but would never give up on being a liberal democrat despite that party literally having the opposite opinion to him on everything.

  10. Sadly, you can point out all this to normal brainwashed people and they will completely ignore it, and what it means. No one makes the leap in their heads as to WHY they cut out a man's tongue.

  11. Ashli Babbitt was a dangerous terrorist killed in the process of a terrorist act and Majid Nawaz is glorifying her as a martyr. Oh how the turntables…

  12. I’m a just an low class delivery driver pleb from LBC’s view and I listen to LBC all day most days to keep myself politically involved (Aside from Lotus Eaters and other YouTube channels), I find most presenters absolutely insufferable, the only one I always looked forward to hearing Majid’s show. Guess now LBC can blast any old rhetoric without a differing opinion.

  13. Maajid Nawaz, I liked your show mate, shame almost everyone who called in to your show, didn't ever try to answer your questions. You and James O'brian. I always learnt more when I listened to your shows, and I liked that, especially when I listened to you and realized that maybe I have to change my mind. Open it a bit more, absorb, learn.

  14. Maajid Nawaz is an interesting figure from being part of Hizb Al-Thrir one of the oldest and worst radical factions birthed in Egypt crack down on Islamist Opposition to the Nationalists and Socialists to a staunch Secularist and a Liberali.
    Doing him like that is a deservice to all intellectual discourse.

    But that's not to say I agree with his views, I think his ideas are interesting the same way the Ideas of his complete Opposite Sayyid Qutb were. Sayyid Qutb originally an ardent secularist reportedly became a hard-line islamist after going to America and being disgusted by what he considered disgusting western Immortality.

  15. "This man is dangerous"

    Good. Anybody who makes communist traitors afraid is very useful to have on side. They don't realise how much burning hatred the average person holds for their kind.

  16. “Would you say he’s a classical liberal” such a beta and not even knowing his ran the pro d radicals org shows this kid know FA and was in prison in Egypt for being a jihadi

  17. Should we really be looking up to nonwhites, even if agree with them on some issues?

    Shouldn't the focus be on deportation and/or racial segregation?


    The real problem is the LEFTIST trash in every race, class, gender, etc. This trash needs to be cleansed

  19. I'm afraid you have also fallen into the trap.
    Ashli Babbitt was not only the sole person who died on site, she was the only person who's death was in any way connected to the riot. The "left five dead" is a CNN, NYT, WaPo, Guardian line and they can never detail exactly who the the other four are because they know their deaths were all 100% proven not to be related to the riot.

  20. So, if the right say that the government and media demonizing the unvaxxed is akin to NAZI Germany, that is a dangerous and invalid comparison. But if you try to show proof for your opinions, they will label you as Qanon and say you are dangerous. Seems like hypocrisy.

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