The Religious Similarities of Retroactive Cancelling, Wokeness w/James Lindsay | Joe Rogan

Taken from #1501 w/James Lindsay:

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  1. Can woke culture stop being blamed as communist, like come on. If someone is a communist then they would realize that all of these issues can be traced back to economic Class. Even then, if they are communist they would not even have to worry about this shit it’s as simple as we are all human race color, religion, sex, none of it matters.

  2. Liberal politics and the Coronavirus have turned Hollywood into a town of druggies and criminals. The streets of LA are full of filth and zombies, used furniture and needles against the backdrop of million-dollar villas. Those with the means are fleeing the city!

  3. In India there was a documented study done that reveled dark skinned Indians were receiving more prejudice actions against them versus the lighter skinned Indians. In short the darker your skin, irregardless of country, the more prejudice you will experience.


    Your a white man! ?

  4. Wokeness absolutely does use a religious playbook. I grew up in the Mormon church and the parallels are simply uncanny. I believe it all stems from a humans inability to deal with being unsure. The things the woke state as fact are nothing more than the way they are things. And they know this, too. But they are willing to say anything or approve any "study" because they have an absolute faith in their beliefs. It's religion.

  5. The word “whore” comes from the Germanic word “khor” which means “lover.” In England when the Romans were occupying, the language was a mix of Germanic, Saxon, Gaelic, and Latin. Latin was considered high speak, for the aristocrats, and the peasants and lower echelons of life spoke Germanic and Gaelic. So when they used the German word for lover to describe your girlfriend or wife, it was most definitely an insult.

    Speaking of the origins of words.

  6. Crazy thing is that society on the Indian subcontinent is one of the most racist on the planet. Where else is there still a formal caste system carrying on into the 21st century?

  7. Used to be the church and the bible as the go to method of controlling people and brainwashing them. Now America has replaced religion with the entertainment industry and social media. They hammer their far left ideology into kids heads at an early age and now you see these brain dead puppets parroting whatever idealistic crap the colleges feed them!

    Get to them at an early age to make new recruits for the mob.

  8. There is a saying in my native language: "eating the sugarcane with its root". There may have been some political benefits that democrats gained by focusing on racism long time ago, but now they are trying to eat the sugarcane along with its root.

  9. It’s a pushback against all the insane racism, sexism and homophobia that we all had to live with for so long. It’s cool for you if you’ve never been constantly shat on by society, but some people have and still are. “Oh no they cancelled a ‘racist’ episode of my favourite show! What an injustice!” Yeah let’s ignore what people had to go through for us to even be able to speak out on these things without getting lynch mobbed. YES people should use moderation and consideration when they want to “cancel” something- but when the fuck did conservatives EVER show moderation or constraint? Fucking never. And then joe Rogen gets these weird, slimy, faux intellectual incels to talk like they understand anything but anecdotal information. Let’s be realistic. America was a hive of racism, homophobia and sexism, now that any of that is changing the psychos among us are freaking out because they don’t like change, they want to retain a sense of power, and racists have always been afraid of righteous retribution.

  10. Enough. No more cancel culture. It's pure Marxism. When the Marxist crazies start screaming 'cancel!', we need to ignore them and get on with our lives. Any attention just feeds the beast.

  11. Hey atheists, looks what we get when the world starts letting go of traditional religion. We get all this woke cultish bullshit. Human beings seem to have an innate need to believe in something on a spiritual and/or religious level. The Western World embracing the 10 commandments wasn't hurting anybody. As people have been letting go of the 10 commandments, they've been embracing the Rules for Radicals and other far-left ridiculous bullshit. This new cult-like behavior from these woke people is all the worst aspects of religion that we dealt with long ago and learned from. It's back in the form of Social Justice.

  12. Human nature is feeling more comfortable around people who sound, look, dress like you and who share the same culture. You take any person from any country and drop them in another country where they don't have familiar faces and they are going to be dealing with some angst. That's not racism, that's human nature. I would be just as insecure going to a new job on the first day where I know no one…. they basically take social anxiety and brand it racism.

  13. This guy sais using words as defined is a bad thing? I don't think that is what he meant but the problem is people can't communicate because we don't have common definitions so constantly changing shit will help no one.

  14. This guy is smart. He sees through the whole thing, he even sees their motivations, like they’re struggling with their own racism and they project it on everyone else. I hadn’t seen it that way until now and it’s a powerful revelation

  15. 9-43……."and the next thing they're killing witches….."
    That's what the guy said.
    "and the next thing they're killing witches……"
    If you've got witches around, that you can find…….you've got some problems to deal with.

  16. Welcome to the Golden Age of Bullshit! Follow the money. The purveyors of the post-modernist agenda are very well-funded by corporations and foundations, which explains how they have taken root in the universities over the last forty years. It has as much to do with Marxism as the John Birch Society, which, if you need to be told, is nothing at all.

  17. 3:40 is exactly what it feels like. Its like they're trying to atone for there sins by making everyone else atone.

    Like a recovered alcoholic who became super straight edged and now judges people because they still drink. They're over compensating for something that exists within them.

    Or how some religious fanatics became fanatics because they used to live in hedonism and lust and pride and greed. They end up 100% following their religion to an almost unhealthy degree to make up for their shortcomings in the past.

    Or how pedophiles will prop themselves up as the voice of children and their protectors or some shit. Turns out they were the pedo all along.

    This just goes on with people projecting what's really inside of them onto other people. Which is also hilarious when they're trying to bring psychology into it ignoring themselves like they operate outside of the system their head came up with.

  18. One interesting thing this movement shows is that overzealous cult-like excesses aren't at all dependent on a belief in God: here we have religiously-analogous behaviors bubbling up from an atheistic source. It would be as absurd, then, to say that what we're currently seeing is the logical extension of secular rationalism as it would be to say that things like witch trials and inquisitions were the natural result of a belief in God. This all points to a much more perennial human problem having to do with the wielding of power and belief systems being stretched to their limits.