The Rhetoric against “Anti-vaxxers” Is Becoming Scary

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  1. Thank you for covering French Canada! I would be lying if I pretended I'm not a little bit terrified with the way the rhetoric has been going. Me and my family we're not doing too bad through this but we're half expecting to be sent into internment camps in the near future if nothing changes

  2. That last segment: my country is going to end up looking unrecognizable in less than a decade unless drastic drastic action is taken to steer out of the skid we're currently in. I am dumbfounded that the leader of our country talks like this.

  3. New stats reveal that if you catch covid within 21 days of taking a shot, they put you in the last bracket. Most infection happen during this time. This is why there's an uptick in doubly vaxxed. In the past, they would attribute it to the unvaxxed. We now know from the data that people with at least one shot are twice as likely to get omicron.

  4. Thirty years ago, in my home country Bolivia, I went to a school that had an exchange program that put you with a German family in Germany for 5 months. It was a great experience. It surprised me to see how many hours a week my school would spend teaching my German classmates about nazi Germany and WWII. Of course, the idea was that something like that should never happen again. Already a grown man, I visited Paris (about 5 years ago) and again was surprised by all the museums, monuments, sites remembering the history of the Vichy regime and WWII. Once again, the idea was that something like that should never happen again. This shows you that learning history is not about names, dates and all those meaningless details, but rather about causes, development and consequences. History repeats iself, although not exactly the same way, because we don't understand what happened, but only pretend to understand. And just like it wasn't acceptable in Nuremberg 80 years ago, we should not take "I was just following orders" as an excuse tomorrow.

  5. The Gulag Archipelago: "Kids: make sure you tell your teacher or a police officer if your parents or uncle speaks against the government: some very nice people will come knocking to your house and "have a talk" with them and maybe even take them to a fun summer camp where they will exercise breaking rocks all day!"

  6. It's not that I'm anti vax, it's that I want to do it out of my own choice. If they were just one of the optional precautions, I would still get vaccinated in a heart beat, because I believe in them. But the fact that it's beeing forced on people should lead to everyone to reject it out of principle.

  7. "Germany of course wants to mandate vaccines, because of history" that is a retarded point though.. All of the hosts here get rightfully annoyed when people ride on British colonial history as a reason for some new policy, as they should. This is as stupid of an argument though. The reason that Germany wants these measures is retarded politicians catering to a loud minority, as is in all of the western countries that are doing it. Their history has nothing to do with it.

  8. Wearing a yellow star in Germany as a sign of protest costs you 2.5k
    Referring to the current policies as Nazi ones too.
    Otoh calling people Volksfeind is ok just as calling antivaxxers appendix on a healthy body of German society – both terms used be prominent persons of today's regime just as by the Nazis back then

  9. We knew we marching towards this since they started this massive indoctrination in colleges, it was a question of time until the disease in the universities caught up with the rest of society.

  10. All of this is predicated on the narrative the vaccine stop propagating the virus. It does not. This narrative is unscientific ant not based on fact. It is not the "Anti-Vaxxers" preventing the uplifting of sanctions and restrictions, it is the Government. The ones Hellbent to have more power. "If only we had a vaccination rate of 100%, we would not be in this situation", what a sick lie.

  11. I know the French get ragged on a lot but I have to say they have really impressed me. 👏 ever since the mid 2010s we have seen the French really not tolerate any BS from their facist leaders and aren't afraid to get physical. Much respect

  12. Jokabitch…he knew the rules. Yes the Australian rules are totally <redacted> but he knew those rules and tried to lie around them, so he deserved what he got.

  13. Canadian here – Trudeau's mass formation rhetoric is terrifying and I'm seeing indications of the groups of brown shirts he's been creating with it. Once they have enough of them, I'm concerned about what happens when he starts calling on them to "activate".

  14. I understand where he's coming from but I really don't like the tired comparisons to Hitler and the Jews. Its dangerous and terrifying what they are doing, but antisemitism is a significantly more strong and historical hatred, and culminated in a significantly more devastating end than where we are. I think if we want to be truly accurate we should look more at USSR, or any other communist dictatorship where simply opposition was deemed as non-citizens. I do not support vaccine mandates at all for multiple reasons, but to compare those who choose not to get a vaccine to the disabled, black, homosexuals and Jews who were massacred for their inalienable characteristics is a lazy and poor comparison imo.

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