The Right-Wing Backlash Has Arrived

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  1. Believing men can become women at will is a religious belief. It certainly isn't science. How can the government legally endorse a religious belief? More importantly how can a government legally forcefully indoctrinate children (believe or else) against the parent's wishes? This crap has gotta stop. It's obviously against separation of church and state laws. Why is nobody doing anything?

  2. Until the medical community gets rid of these activist doctors then it will remain a problem. It seems that the professional class cannot condemn the practice as long as there are medical doctors who will give gender affirming care.

  3. Just wait and you see more of a backlash, especially now that Disney and celebs who have no clue or just perverts/groomers getting involved. Little kids at that age don't understand what sexuality is or shouldn't (this why the bill is actually an anti-groom/parent rights bill. It's not about being against the LBGT; but pushing identity politics and mature topics onto little kids and the bill doesn't even mention the word gay which is very telling of these people), they don't even understand yet, don't even know the difference between boys or girls, etc….

  4. It pisses me off what Texas is doing. They are going to turn us blue with the abortion issue. It’s so frustrating.

    We need to win one fight at a time. Keep the time limit on abortions at a reasonable level and don’t start prosecuting women for abortions. It’s like they want to be the evil that the left needs to turn out the vote.

    With the effects from lower birth rates about to hit us pretty hard, the practice of abortion will eventually become so abhorrent to most people that no one will want one. The problem will fix itself.

  5. I'm 62; and in California, I was forbidden from buying a single beer at 2:30AM. Apparently, if 62-year-olds can't be trusted to safely buy a late-night beer on a Saturday, then clearly 5-year-old children cannot agree to hormone therapy. Or, if 5-year-olds can be trusted with irreversible surgery and drug-therapy, then 62-year-olds can buy a late-night beer on a weekend.

  6. Finally, grooming is ok again. We will be allowed to train woman to be wives! Win win if you ask me. I asked my health/sex teacher why I was being taught to be a man but the girls were not being taught to be a woman. I was told it's illegal because it's grooming. But now it's legal! We can have wife training colleges open again!

  7. Don't forget the stories coming out 2016-2017ish. The articles telling pregnant women to not deprive themselves of alcohol and other non-suggested substances. The left hasn't been the party of science for a decade, at least.

  8. I'm more of pro choice. I don't want abortions, but I don't want them out of the table if they are needed — we don't know what women will go through, I think it should be their choice based on good reason.

  9. I’ve been saying it for years. The more insane these people get, the more likely the pendulums gonna come a-swinging back the other way. I used to be against it but I heartily support violent backlash to these leftie loonies. It is the only thing that will fix this society, they’re never going to be convinced to change their beliefs. We could not even begin to comprehend how these people see the world, it’s a mental illness and the only cure is lead.

  10. The right? No such thing. Just extreme right or left.. the the rest Average norms.. the far left gravitate in there small numbers to positions of power.. and simply manipulate the Norms" classic hare v tortoise 🐢.. the main group. In this illustration is the Tortoise.. the far left will be dispatched with soooon…not if but when.. let them have their moment.. the Norms will overwhelme them in every influential position in society.. this is eventually the law of natural selection. It was educational.. but all bad things must come to an End"

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