The Rings Of Power ADMITS They Ignored Cannon To Add Diversity & The Peter Jackson Drama Gets Worse

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. Tell me something that I don't already know about this. These rings of power videos are getting old really fast. We already know what to expect and this is just kicking an already dead horse… 🙄

  2. 13:19 Go look at the behind the scenes, Jackson was phoning in the hobbit and it shows.
    The hobbit source material was ~1/6th of Lord of the rings, story enough for a more a child friendly single movie, not the 12 hour it became.
    “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

  3. Personally, I have no issue with casting an actor that isn't the same ethnicity, gender, etc, as the the character as written, if that actor genuinely gives the best performance in that role. If they understand the character, love the source material, and do a fantastic job of playing that character, who cares. It's fantasy after all.

    However, when the decision is made based on crow-barring certain political agendas into the mix, then you end up with an inferior product. Look what happened when Brie Larson put her personal opinions and agendas ahead of her performance as Captain Marvel.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see…

  4. If we know it's gonna be bad we should just not watch it. Elect one to bear the burden of holding the account and 8 to watch with him and critique. But we don't all need to pay for it

  5. Canon, not cannon. Otherwise great vid. Interesting that the artistic creative left can’t create worlds. They can only destroy worlds others created. Then whine that people who love that world aren’t interested in standing by the bonfire as it burns.

  6. Elves, dwarves, Hobbits and humans was literally the entire focus of diversity. Skin color was an afterthought for Tolkien's work. The only real narrative was the unified effort by these races against an impending doom. That's the only "narrative" needed.

  7. There must be such a lack of good material from POC they need to infiltrate and take over already successful projects. And then they destroy that.

  8. I thought Jackson’s adaptation of LOTR was spot on. I re-read each book after each segment. Jackson cut out some of the non-ending battle sequences that dragged down the books in order to fit the story onto three unusually long films. I own the Extended versions of each film. Overall, I was surprised by how true to the books his films were.

  9. When The Fellowship of the Ring came out, I don't remember all the actors constantly masturbating all over, and applauding themselves because they were the…"fIrSt" of whatever to portray these characters. These megalomaniac shallow narcissistic actors need to STFU and enjoy their privilege!

  10. As a german I can't understand why races are even a big topic these days and it honestly scares me. Like this fetish of forcing political ideas into things where they don't fit just reminds me of the nazi era, just with the difference that the propaganda of the nazis usually was of a far better quality then this poor attempt of a show. I personally love to watch movies from a lot of countries like japan, germany, korea, russia etc and tbh I often love to watch korean shows and movies on netflix because they are usually extremely well made because they feel natural and everything fits. There is simply no reason at all why I would even need people of my "race" if you want to call it that in a show or movie. At least I am capable of feeling connected to characters of all races, sexuality etc IF they are well made. For example an extremely well made movie is called "beasts of no nation" which is about child soldiers in africa and I honestly don't know if there where white people in that movie. Perhaps somewhere in the end but don't remember anymore I need to rewatch it. However that movie felt realistic, sad, hopeless and had extremely good actors imo. That movie honestly would feel kinda unrealistic and bad if they would just smash a german manfred in there for no reason at all. However diversity if used correctly can actually bring so much more possibilities in a movie or show because then you also can benefit from the cultures and show the people interesting things they might not knew before. Like cultures can be super interesting and we can learn a ton from other cultures aswell. When they just put people into a show because of race, gender, sexuality etc that is highly questionable, low quality and actually kinda racist aswell. And if you actually care about tolkiens work there would be actually a ton of potential for more diversity. For example they could even make an entire show about the haradrim which are darker skinned and I think everyone would love to see that because those people seem super interesting to me and I honestly just hoped to see more of them here and there because it feels like with them we could explore a completely new world. The diversity in the new show from what I saw just feels like it's made in the most incompetent way possible. Like it feels like they used diversity and just tried to build the show around it while completely ignoring the definition of the races in that world, at least that's how it feels to me. I mean tbh in some movies diversity is simply needed, like in movies about our times because there we actually have all kinds of people even here in germany, so making a movie about our current time would just feel inaccurate without proper representation of different people. But that knowledge doesn't work on fantasy at all unless you make reasons for it which is indeed possible, even in tolkiens work. If you just put people in there because of how they look like and shit then it's not well thought and well people obviously will notice it and not like it too much and… lets be honest… isn't it kinda disgusting to reduce actors or people in general simply to the collour of their skin? I personally would be too proud of my skills to be just reduced to my skin or nationality. Like when people would want me as an actor or whatever, then I would want to be there because of my talent and my hard work and not just because of how I look like…

  11. Amazon treats their workers like slaves, killed so many small businesses and now their studios want this nerdish LOTR to be "for everyone" with "new female energy". Who cares about woke stuff? Make your drivers not to pee in a f*cking flask, then you can care about social justice.

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