The Rings of Power Reviews Are a Bit Split


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  1. I think they paid $250,000,000 for the rights to use the appendices from LOTR. So the actual show only cost $750,000,000. LOL, the fact that they paid 250 million dollars for the appendices is probably one of the worst decisions in the history of TV production; and handing 750 million dollars to a couple of wet behind the ears show runners, who never produced anything of value in their lives, is probably the worst decision ever made in the history of the television set or movie screen!
    Over the two seasons it still works out at around 48 MILLION DOLLARS PER EPISODE. What I watched last night could have been done for a fraction of that money. If they had given the 48 million dollar budget to 16 different Lord of the Rings fans in the street and asked them to make 16 episodes based on the appendices, I’m sure they would have got at least 5 different TV shows which were better than what they ended up churning out for public consumption!

  2. I am surprised that they have not introduced Goldberry as an original character 'Upated' for the modern times, Appearing in the show after her divorce with Tom Bombadil on the grounds that it was insufferable being with a white cis male. Now of course she is looking for a hook up with Galadriel.

  3. I would love to make a fantasy series based around sub-saharan african mythology, and cast a bunch of Europeans and Slavs to play the roles. I'm sure that's the truest form of representation those stories could be given. Surely I wouldn't be called a racist for inserting races in a place they don't have any reason to be.

  4. The woman who's name you couldn't think of was Arwen, playing the entire court of Elrond – which as a viewer thank fucking God we didn't need a more elves with one scene

  5. The 2016 all female Ghost Busters was an absolute abomination, I'm expecting this Tolkien " adaptation" to be the same, so choose not to taint my eyeballs watching it. These " woke" creators don't have the talent to write their own original stories and characters, so choose to 💩 all over much better creators masterpieces. I'm done with them.

  6. To cover for rotten tomato, even when they are clearly delaying user reviews on some projects, they don't seem to scew the numbers themselves. Dune 2021 and Top Gun Maverick are praised equally by both "camps".

  7. It's obviously a 4 D chess move by bezos, he's actually anti woke and just happened to get into it while sht faced with Musk one day. Basically, he bet musk $1 that Trading Places was ridiculous and that by hiring idiots, he would lose $1bn and the idiots wouldn't understand how.

  8. i heard / read somewhere that tolkien himself whilst happy, flattered, and grateful for the success of LOTR was not at all a fan of those 60s hippies and all their 'yeah wow man bla bla t'was in the darkest depths of mordor bla bla…'

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