The Riots That Killed Gun Control

Gun Control is officially dead. Thanks, BLM!

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Written by The Rageaholic

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  1. The justification for our 2A has never been in doubt.
    America has merely enjoyed peace for so long, far too many of the BLEATING 'Sheeple' have prospered, and voted ignorant/corrupt/tyrannical political 'Sheep' into Govt., to further 'Infringe' our Right(s).
    Now that the peaceful protestors have returned to administer their tender loving care?
    People are being educated, yet again.

  2. It might be liberals buying, funny thing is there's an ammo shortage and to stock up for what's needed would be expensive to buy now. If one doesn't have a reloader or two they're in trouble. Plus I feel mandatory gun class for all buying now to learn safety and cleaning. And not to wield guns barefoot and point at your husband no matter what rioters you're protecting from. My husband would have taken a gun from me if I pointed it at him.

  3. Giffords wasn't the target, Judge Roll was. Giffords might be acting. I'd like to see how she acts when no one watching. She never even mentions Roll or the Green girl.

  4. This just in: Biden REALLY upset the commies coming out saying arsonists & anarchists need to be arrested & prosecuted! Lol .. uh oh!

    Notice how the media & dems are flipping now? It’s almost like once they realized Trump isn’t taking the bait & people are tired of all this insanity they have to try & backtrack. Off course trying once again to blame the non existent boogeyman ‘white supremacists’ for ‘infintrating’ the ‘peaceful protests’ to cause violence & destruction. Or blame it on Feds who sat back for over a month letting it burn & still are only defensive. Weird. Especially Bc supposedly it was all totally peaceful. So why blame others for violence & destruction that never happened! Hmmm

    The leftist mind bending is astonishing

  5. Sales still going strong. Backlog on orders are 6 months and growing well into next year.
    If Trump wins we will see more riots, or Trump losses Biden passing gun bans, than either way gun including AR15 will skyrocket.

  6. Imagine all the time and money put into gun control propaganda only to see first time gun ownership explode. Theyre propaganda-ing and false flagging so hard that its canceling other propaganda out.

  7. Sir please don't take this the wrong way. I have all my volumes up and I have to be 3"s from my screen to hear. Is that you? Or me? Would like to work and listen…

  8. There has never been a more palpable example of the famous quote "at any given moment we are only 3 meals away from total anarchy"

  9. Left : Trump mandate corona response: no dumbass states responsibility
    Right : Trump destroy rioters : no dumbass states responsibility
    You don’t like the response vote local leaders out.

  10. I'm a Brazilian.
    We have 70000 deaths per year, and we have gun control.

    We can't defend ourselves. Our police is stupidly corrupt, and even more our government.

    So, for my US brothers.
    Never let then take your freedom, never let then take your rights.

    I'll be honest saying that I don't agree with everything related to the US, but I'd love to have a chance, to take a Gun and side with you, for the right to be free. If the situation start to get really bad, go for the fight. Fight for your freedom, please… don't let your home, to become like mine.

  11. NYC here.
    The Sullivan Law makes owning ANY firearm a near impossibility within the City limits.
    The only people I know of that are allowed to Carry Concealed are former Police Officers and NEVER consider Carrying Openly because the Cops will shoot on sight if you try that shit!
    Several months ago, a coworker offered to be a go between in getting me a firearm.
    I declined.
    It would have been an illegal sale and I would be "guilty" of owning an unregistered illegal weapon with a mandatory Three Year sentence.
    So much for the Second Amendment.
    Doesn't exist here.