The Rippaverse Rises

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  1. Been following Eric for a while, great guy 🙂 also like many other comments said, it’s a preorder campaign, no crowd funding… which makes what he’s doing scarier to some as he put up all his own money to make the comic so nobody can control the product but him and his team 👍

  2. White liberals on Twitter are showing their true colors on tush particular book. I feel like donating a dollar for every N word a white liberal tweets at rippa

  3. What's even worse for western comics, demon slayer isn't even that good. Its pretty mid and annoying, but japan creams itself for it so the sales are huge.

  4. Actually good comics. Wow. I didn’t expect that. I figured comics and hero genres books were to far gone in the west and we all just moved to the superior eastern adaptations. Great news there is still some fight left.

  5. Love the Rippaverse. EJ has the biggest set of stones of any man and skin thicker than a rhino.

    Timelines are interesting, as our time passes the characters need to remain in quasi-time.
    Quasi-time is where James Bond and superheros live. Bond has always been 35~years old and always should be. But time passes around him so he can have the latest kit and never age. That is mind bending to write as he can refer to old adventures and acquaintances in the 60s although he is middle aged in present day. That is why the Bond reboot sucked, it broke quasi-time. The stage should stay the same and only the scenery should change.

    All DC and Marvel suck as beloved characters lose their history as time warps events to impossible levels. I want Rippa to succeed and I hope he masters quasi-time. I'll check back in 50 years to see.

  6. BREAKING NEWS: Black man succeeds due to his hardwork and skill and meritocracy. Wokescum and leftist bigots outraged……..In other news, the sky is blue.

    But seriously, of course they are outraged by Eric July's success. Progressives and wokescum hate hard work, success and meritocracy.

  7. It's worth clarifying that a single manga title outsold the entire US industry – all titles combined. It isn't a freak occurrence – manga is absolutely trouncing the industry. July's off to a great start, tapping that audience who still wants good comics.

  8. Great segment guys, and thanks for the heads up! I don't and have never collected comics in my life, however as soon as I saw the artwork for Isom #1, I purchased the complete read and collect bundle of signed plus unsigned copies of all three covers. I really think this will go somewhere and am glad to be at ground zero for it. The fact that they have a code of ethics that is anti-woke and focused on the customer makes it all the sweeter, cheers!

  9. It's not crowd-funded, Rippa's made his own platform with his own money, it's all finished and good to go. As the man himself says: Ain't no catch!

  10. Thanks guys, nice to have you cover something a little lighthearted. I know there are tons of people covering Comicsgate and such, but a bit of culture war news now and then never hurts.

  11. "Respect for the Customer" is being attacked as a right wing talking point. It makes no sense from a lefty perspective… you should be praising it. The Identitarian seems to feel they are owed an audience, and that aligns with old school corporatist supply side economics. "Here, we made a thing, now buy it or you are bad!"
    It's bullshit. Left or Right, if you are not a fan of the Donor Class and top down economic control (ei not a billionaire) you should be down with creators EARNING their customers with merit.

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