The Rise and Fall of Greenpeace (founder Dr. Patrick Moore)

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. This was filmed in 2021. I also lost the venue and the pro-camera on Moore's end didn't work out. The next lesson will be with Dr. Peter Ridd and filmed in Melbourne on the 10th of September in the morning. It's free for youth (and a parent must attend). If you would like to attend, email: If you would like to help offset the costs of this lesson and support a genuine education platform, please support here:

  2. My dad was part of the small crew that sailed on a small yacht called the Vega, to Mururoa Atoll, in 1985, to protest the French nuclear tests. They were harassed and threatened by French war ships, and eventually "arrested", and taken to Tahiti, to be sent home. My dad and crew arrived back in Auckland aboard the Greenpeace "mother ship"….an amazing journey for an epic reason❤️💯🕊️

  3. Great lesson! So important that members from the older generation can explaining to the young how things that were well intentioned became co-opted & are now being used to press anti human & nefarious globalist agendas.

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