The rise of the activist media cry-bullies

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. There isn't anything new under the Sun. The pigs suck, have been getting away with murder for 40 years, and now the worm has turned. When you don't make reasonable adjustments to various social structures as needed on an incremental basis, given enough time the system of irritated humans crashes that social structure. Here's what happened:
    1 .We ended the draft: shared stake in the game diminished, but nobody complained because of the short term benefit.
    2. We lionized the military which allowed wars of choice and pumped enlistment, and as a bene the vets got cop jobs when they come home.
    3. 30 years later we have soldiers for cops, and people will not tolerate that. Soldiers are the worst people on the planet, the only reason they work out is that the military has no union to cover it's ass when it fucks up.
    4. The end.

  2. Panic sells, Mike. It's about cash & power dynamics in the industry, for the most part. Very few of these people are "honest actors", including TYT & Ana K. Thank god their influence & funding is bottoming out. We need to flush out the sewer. Good article.

  3. The trial will show that George Floyd died from a drug overdose and there probably won't be a guilty verdict. Shit will absolutely hit the fan when this happens.

  4. Michael, thank you for your article on the state backed religious movement! Tim Pool is doing a segment on it. You took the words out of my head and made those words come alive. You are a true wordsmith, as well as a genuine reporter.
    For those of us who’ve had to live through extremism, seeing the state back this fanatical movement is highly alarming.

  5. Make no mistake: This is the age of the digital Gulag Archipelago. You are blasted into the digital wilderness for wrongthink. Disavow or be destroyed!

  6. The marches abroad that you claim are Floyd remembrance marches were actually marches of solidarity for the many many protestors who were completely brutalized by police. How retarded do you think people are ffs