The Rise of the New Right

They will have to vigorously defend free expression and avoid billionaire infusions to solve our most basic dilemmas:

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  1. The Right… last 6 months have shown me there is actually also a SERIOUS difference between American Right and European Right… specifically E.European Right (you know, the guys who despise Putin;)…

  2. As I see it, food and money motivate and organise those without, far more, than those with.
    I'd guess that, more enslaved people have died fighting for their freedom than free people have died to preserve theirs.
    As the saying goes 'you don't know what you have until you lose it'.

  3. Been paying attention since I was a kid in the 90's and I say that I've seen the American politics go the way of Canada..
    To where even the so called right is actually center left!

    The right isn't any harder than the old right it's just more openly center left!! No thanks, next!

  4. Both parties are corrupt beyond salvaging… I remain Independent – it's no one's business who or what I choose to vote for. Nor my beliefs, religion or sexual preferences. You wanna get yourself "identified or labeled" – in public or by virtue signaling – it's your choice. MY life remains as private as I can keep it…

  5. I ain't a Republican suit wearin conservative, I'm that Texan leave me the hell alone, don't ever ignore the sign "owner will shoot you forget the dog" on my land, help out neighbors, ugly lifted 4×4 drivin guy, but I am a MAGA, I'm also a Texas secession supporter since that sumbitch took office and opened our border ignoring the law the Supreme Court agreed with Texas, I hate that sumbitch and his lyin traitors

  6. On the issue of the 2nd amendment offense is often the best defense. Push firearms classes to be required in every high school for graduation. The liberals want to make sure kids are NEVER around weapons and therefore do not understand them… what you do not understand you fear. This would be the counter push.

  7. I never expected President Trump to magically fix everything. I expected him to try and he did. He did more than expected under horrible attacks from all sides. God I miss him in the White House.

  8. I'm one of those people on the right that thinks one of the last places of hypocrisy left is contained in the religious BS contained in the republican party. And I don't mean to disrespect anyone. I just sort of hate to be associated with you guys 😅🤠

  9. Republicans only became "the right" when Democrats went left. The switch was from Fascism to Communism in the 60's. Nothing to do with race. Segregationists before, segregationists now,segregationists forever. Democrats started attacking Republicans as the "Religious right" on issues of abortion and homosexuality. Democrats claimed to be more religious than the Republicans before that.

  10. We need to ALL make it CRYSTAL CLEAR to our representatives that if they represent ANYONE but their constituents, they immediately become UNELECTABLE. That means China, the WEF, Soros, The Uniparty, neocon/neolib ideology, Big [insert institution here], anyone that doesn’t live in the area being represented (big Cali money, for example), and so on.

    No more nudge games, no more “weeeeeelll…. At least they’re not [____].” NO MORE. Our “public servants” SERVE THE PUBLIC or THEY’RE OUR ON THEIR ASSES. IMMEDIATELY.

  11. You're wrong on the moralist thing. We eased up on the morals and it's a big reason why our society is where it is right now. That may be the greatest gift that the Trump era has given us. They never intended to reward us with more unity for giving up some pretty integral moral ground. And they will literally hate us whatever we do. Saving the Republic will likely be a thankless endeavor. And now we know that. And maybe that's deluded but they literally deserve all the blame for it. Watching Anna Kasparian blow up at conservatives on tyt after Roe v. Wade was overturned was the first time in maybe ever that I've seen a liberal even address conservatives directly. And I was not sad or hurt, it was objectively hilarious. It was like, "ohhh now you want to talk!" 😂🤣😂 They really, really should have been made an effort to be more cooperative. Please name me what incentive we have to not be flaming Bible thumping weirdos. Especially if we succeed against this machine. I will personally make sure the David and Goliath analogies never fucking see an end.

  12. The #1 and #2 issues for the new right, worldwide, need to be more or less the same as the first two US ammendments. It's the basis for absolutely everything else.

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