The Role Of Comedy To Call Out Hypocrisy

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. To be liberal, to be conservative, ancient philosophy is bedrock, that old-school theology applies. Is might right?

    God is not dead, but the church is. Religion is not dead, but the church is. Control & power of the church are the corporate state. That church lives wild and free. The neo-liberal, the neo-conservative, is minion of the corporate state, the church. That church lives wild and free. Jimmy Dore is likely liberal. Jimmy Dore is likely conservative. He is likely NOT neo-liberal. His is likely NOT neo-conservative. The church he attends is The Jimmy Dore Show. That church is likely NOT corporate. That church lives wild and free.

    Language Is A Virus – Laurie Anderson

    "Sometimes when you hear a word that you think you understand…all you are doing is hearing it. So, language is a trick." – Laurie Anderson

    "All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values." – Marshall McLuhan

    "It's an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem." – Douglas Adams

  2. Like it or not?… America First is the only political movement that’s trying anything for the people… at least more than anyone else in DC right now.

    I honestly believe that the people will vote for them… and then the left will have to reinvent itself with a similar version… or will jump in with America first and morph it to a libertarian party with a socialism safety net.

    The current authoritarianism and conflation with media and the private sector, has to be moved against… no matter what they promise.

  3. JD, you need to convince Joe Rogan not to vote for DeSantis. Rogan thinks that DeSantis favors censorship when DeSantis censors people protesting to change social movements.

  4. JD is right about Bernie being a spokesperson for the Democrats. He is also right about DeSantis giving monoclonal which improved covid in his sate more than the other states.

  5. Hypocricy?
    This is the second or third video that HLM has done with Jimmy, and they talk politics each time. And there is ZERO mention of the climate. I've been sending him climate news about the Arctic for over 7 years…and I know that he listens since I've had responses several times.
    But not for several years.
    But Jimmy has to be listening, but he still doesn't know what's going on. Watch his video about the Dutch farmers, since he timidly tries to talk climate. But it's pretty milquetoast.

  6. Jimmie is right, running for President would be a disaster for all the reasons and more that he mentioned, but he can lead a movement. The People's Party can be a huge platform and catalyst for change and Jimmie is already part of that, but see it as a movement first with clearly defined goals and objectives that will unite and draw in support from other 3rd parties. Monitored and supervised elections with fair standards and ranked choice voting should be a issue all alternative parties can support. Together we can change this corrupted corporate owned process but only with meaningful and honest voting.

  7. I hope Jimmy Dore runs for President. The establishment will never let him win though. They will Tim Conova him with the voting machines if he actually threatened to win. What I want is to get Jimmy on the debate stage and let him go to work. This is not really about Jimmy in the long run. It is about what coward Bernie should have done. This campaign would be about waking up the masses to the corruption and getting people to stop hating their neighbors and start fighting our real oppressors, the corporate elites. We live in a inverted totalitarianism state as described by Sheldon Wolin. Jimmy can be our vessel to start a real worker's class movement. Plus, Jimmy being a comedian, the smears will not stick, especially if he handles them like he did with Ana Kasparian's metoo fake and weak blackmail accusations. He would be Teflon Jimmy way more than Trump was. I will volunteer if he runs and I am in a wheelchair ♿️. Plus, he has great people who will back and fight for him. Please run Jimmy! Let's fight these corrupt assholes together and build a real movement of the people!

    Jimmy Dore for President 2024

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