The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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  1. hindsight. and in that mode i think if i ran ukraine i may have decided to kick every single russian out of the country 10 seconds after the russians used them as an excuse to try to take crimea.
    too late for this now. which is unfortunate as russia having to deal with millions of refugees would of prevented an invasion at this time.

    must be so much fun living in russia these past decades. every single one of their leaders has been and is a criminal. people like putin are the worst kind of criminal. asshats who stole billions in natural resourses from their own people and then forced their way into power. the people of russia have been enslaved by this wanker. worse yet is that they dont even seem to recognize that this has taken place.

  2. It's really easy to be or become a "nazi" in Ukraine. You just need not to like russia. Suddenly, I became one this week, when I heard a siren for the first time in my life.

  3. Putin uses the term genocide meaning cultural genocide. He's referring to the attempts of the government to "Ukrainise", which includes heavy restrictions on the use of the Russian language. That was one of the main reasons for the revolt against Ukraine in the east. These restrictions include only being able to publish printed works in Ukrainian and not being able to buy more than five Russian-language books without a license. The 2017 Education Law made it illegal to teach in Russian, even in Russian-majority areas. The point of these measures is to suppress the Russian-speaking culture of the Donbass to enforce a Kiev-centred culture that speaks Ukrainian and so on. This easily qualifies as cultural genocide, as when Franco did the same to the Catalans, he was denounced widely for cultural genocide. Ukrainisation has extremely important parallels with Castillisation under Franco which Western outlets tend not to pick up on. There is a genocide going on in the east of Ukraine.

  4. Given that Prince Harry and Sparkles now ‘officially stand’ with the Ukrainian people (because their PR company told them to) and Sean Penn is on the ground seeking out opportunities to raise his profile, er, sorry, illustrate the plight of the Ukrainian people , I’m surprised Putin hasn’t surrendered yet…

    On a more sobering note, uncle Vlad really did call the increasingly impotent West’s bluff rather well didn’t he. China will be diligently taking notes I’m sure. 😔

  5. Hang on Callum et al.
    As much as I don't like MSM and Biden/all the others – they were calling out that a Russian invasion was imminent while you kept laughing and saying they were just fear mongering.

    Are you going to finally admit you got it wrong or are you going to do a Tim Pool and talk about something you "got right"?

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