The Russian sledgehammer is beginning to fall in Ukraine

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  1. Didn't this guy say the Ukrainians would be defeated in a month? If you continue to believe people who have been wrong about everything in the past, you will continue to be wrong. This guy is just parroting Kremlin talking points. Throwing half a million drunks into the battle is not going to change the situation on the battlefield. Russia is screwed. They can't equip the mobiki. They are running out of weapons. This guy McGregor is a total jerkoff.

  2. Let's have MacPeasement speak to what is ruzzia, what is putin, what is the kremlin? Answer: Monster, monster, monster. The few allies to ruzzia are: Monster, monster, monster where the culture is an unstoppable abuse, rape, and murder culture. So what is the SMART reaction from the modern western world and democracies to these monsters? According to MacPeasement, you ignore the hard truth in favor of short term economic benefit and pat yourself on the shoulder for being so retardedly prescient. In reality of heroic people, there is simply NO CHOICE but to educate the monsters to the WILL and temporary SUPERIOR powers of the democratic world. Once we lose the initiative to preserve the free world, it all slowly or fastly falls to the monster-system of imposing mental and physical enslavement over the populations. MacPeasement must believe he can have a place at the table of the leadership monsters when the free world collapses. Speak to the actual gambit, MacGregor: Its a war of GOOD versus EVIL and the present discomforts should not factor for how you participate. If it does as we see in your case, you are aiding and abetting EVIL to take down the free world and its democracies and submit into the MONSTER system. MacGregor has some fundamental internal flaw where he has disdain for heroes, but will voice "admiration" for Ukrainian fighters even though "they know they don't have a chance of winning…" MacG is a tool of propaganda influence favoring the world of monsters. His tone of voice seems to champion the ruzzian causes. Listen close, he is gleeful of putin's objectives. Anyone who stands with MacG is a pro-rape-murder-worse enthusiast – look in the mirror and admit what you are and that you expect to rise to a top position of the monster heap. The system is going bad, and you can emulate the cowardice of MacG who hides behind short-term comfort of NOT VOICING and NOT ENACTING SOLUTIONS.

  3. Afraid more Biden administration are trying to weakening Russia, more they are destroying themselves.
    Because the rest of the globe don't like how US been working in Ukraine since 2013.
    Prepare Ukraine for fighting their proxywar against Russia, because they don't just Chrush Ukraine and killing their men and boy's.
    They make Europe collective collapse because of US pressure on European leaders to support US interest.
    Expensive not enough LPG gas and oil shipped from the other side of the globe – US are not sustainable future for Europe, same cynical leaders says at the same time climate change are most important??
    Well, Europe got green gas and oil directly from pipelines from their neighbor before this, we know only 15 huge ship's with engines working on raw oil letting out more pollution than every car on the globe, climate scam exposed, and after US and Europe fooled Russia with Minsk agreement signed up under international law's.
    Only to bought more time to training Ukrainian military azov, using Ukrainian soldiers life's trying to weakening Russia.
    Rest of the globe don't trust any agreement signed up under international law's with the west.
    Heard Merkel admits Minsk agreement was only to fool Russia some days ago, and Biden administration already have admits this is only because they are trying to weakening Russia. Hope they could force regime change in Russia.
    Obviously Russian leadership who supports US interest, rest of the globe lost all respect for the west.
    Everything the west are trying to weakening Russia with, are hitting back twice as hard.
    US created one important thing with this proxywar against Russia, created BRICS expansion and Russia and China new payment system without using dollar.
    Biden administration are destroying US dominant hegemony completely themselves.
    And the west are not ready for escelate this to WW3.
    But Biden administration are becoming desperate, they working on escelating anyway.

  4. If we had a President giving the Ukrainians the stuff they need, then your Pal, Putin, would’ve been out of there a Long time ago……..This doesn’t end with Ukraine since Russians are putting University Deans on TV who are telling the Public that Russia has to Secure the Southern Territories. Their Southern territories include those Smaller Ex-Soviet countries like Armenia, Georgia, etc.. Stop being a Putin Stooge.

  5. I hope you are right that when they get back they should deal with the corrupt Ukrainian government that has caused all this death and destruction and the behest of the US. This war is riddled with lies from the west.

  6. Desperate pro Putin propaganda machine in full swing. For Ukrainians not to defend themselves it would be a disaster not only for Ukrainians but for the whole world. Hence almost every country in the world is doing it's best to help Ukraine, and so far the brave Ukrainian soldiers are doing great and even getting better with each passing day against the Russians while the Russians authorities continue to lie saying 63 of their soldiers instead of about 500 died and that they killed 600 Ukrainian soldiers in revenge when they did not. The Patriot defense system is going to make a big difference. Glory to the heroes indeed.

  7. Isn't the usa and western media ashamed of themselves ,,every day you tell a new lie ,,Putin is dying ,Putin people are running away from mobilization ,millions of Russian running away ,Putin soldiers surrounding enmass ,Putin running out of missiles ,,russia going bankrupt ,,where is the truth in all the news you are feeding to the world russia's economy is better than all Europe put together ,better than usa ,better than UK ,and all Russia's trading partners are living better than Europe ,at the moment Europe is jumping off a spring board into quicksand ,usa using a long stick to push them down faster ,,say what you want to say about Putin ,,he knows what usa is doing ,remember he was an intelligence officer ,,he is protecting his borders from usa in the name of NATO ,Europe is weak ,they hide under usa ass ,they cannot oppose the usa so they are jealous of any country who can ,russia and China the heart ache of Europe and USA ,,why don't you fake news media research that and see who is factual ,and who is full of shit ,

  8. I am someone who is rather reluctant and slow to attribute international events to racism or bigotry but FINALLY I am coming around to think that it is fundamentally BIGOTRY — bigotry serving economic greed — that is causing and fueling the West's refusal to peacefully co-exist and cooperate with Russia. Maybe BIGOTRY AND RACISM has been more of a causal factor in America's many many wars, invasions, manipulated topplings of democratically-elected governments, and economic hitman corruptions of foreign leaders. I never thought I would see it coming down to a suspicion that bigotry and racism explains THAT much of America's conscienceless, destructive, rapacious international aggression.

  9. @ 18:50-Holy crap. This echoes a video I saw on Twitter, posted by a WORN-OUT-looking Ukrainian soldier. He was speaking Ukrainian so I couldn't understand him, but the translation said that he felt the blood of his comrades was on Zelensky's hands and that someday Ukrainian troops would rise up and come for him. This video was posted three weeks ago.

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