The Sad Truth I’ve Learned About COVID Policy (Pt. 1) | Jordan Peterson | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dr. Jordan Peterson, author of 12 Rules for Life and Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, about what is actually informing COVID restrictions, the real choice that faces the clean energy COP26 crowd, and his response when he is asked about the existence of god. In this clip Jordan discusses why we chose medical tyranny and a totalitarian state as a response to the COVID epidemic. He shares how the politics of fear, more than science, has been informing COVID policy in Canada in the U.S. Jordan also tries to understand how the left, who usually hates big corporations, has handed over it’s trust to big pharma.

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  1. Watch Dave Rubin’s FULL INTERVIEW with JORDAN PETERSON here:
    Watch ALL of the JORDAN PETERSON Rubin Report interviews and more here:
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  2. I love u soo much Jordan I had such a hard day. Such a hard day. I have a manager trying to fire me. I'm literally the only Latino other than my manager. And he's such a hater I take full responsibility I work so hard.

  3. JP is an intellectually dishonest person; He has made false comments like: “There wouldn't be any art & poetry without religion.”, and “Atheists who don't rape/kill are religious without knowing it.”.

    JP also refused to admit (when asked by Sam Harris) that the OT has some horrible verses.

    JP knows lobsters & humans had a common ancestor some 350 mil yrs ago & he also knows religion is bs, but he is intentionally being intellectually dishonest by promoting religious bs & acting as if God exists just to monetize the gullible emotional religious fools.

  4. I am speechless to see that a guy like you, with your knowledge in psychology, that has been fighting governmental activism imposing subjective truths on people, has been unable to foreseen earlier that governments, all over the world, through different means and at various degrees, have been telling (or using) scientific lies to their population in order to induce fear (and create a false sense of charity for others), which has led to incredible totalitarian gain of power for those governments, as well as terrible repression for those who argued their positions.
    If even a guy like you thought he'd be done with the Covid BS by taking the vaccine, and took so long to realise the shit we're now in, I don't have hope for my poor neighbours, who don't even have half the knowledge you have. It just shows how badly people are already at in terms of manipulation. I doubt they'll be able to overcome it.

  5. Every intelligent and informed person knows that many if not most of the people that supposedly died from COVID actually died from something else while being tested positive for COVID. One of the silver linings to this man made epidemic is that a higher percentage of people now understand the corruption in our medical and pharma establishments.

  6. FINALLY, JP is starting to figure this out. WTF took so long. I am SOOOO tired of hearing the "we didn't know what we were dealing with" lie. Imperial college stooge Ferguson testified under oath in March 2020 that the threat was primarily aimed at older and highly compromised people who were "scheduled to die" in that year regardless. We also had the real-time, living petri dish of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which shockingly, produced a mirror of the results that we observed in the real world. Please stop making excuses. This lunatic reaction can NEVER be tolerated again.

  7. Congratulations Canuk…. you fell into the trap. Just realizing that your not free and they dont want to give you that freedom back. Now your upset.. kinda late isnt it? Ive had covid …and a head cold since this started two years ago…. No jab.. You deal with it like every freaking cold/flu we have had.. The change is that they wanted to enforce these meds…. Billions are made from fear… again.

  8. Germ theory is fraud. Our techno-industrial civilization produces a lot of toxic waste. Mechanical agricultural has depleted soil so we’re also malnourished as well as poisoned. Certain interests are served by this, but it ain’t us. Bio-Terrain medicine is where it’s at.

  9. They will not leave us alone unless we begin to stand. Quit complying. There are way more of us than there are of them. Don't wear a mask, don't get the vaccine, don't lock down. They can only put so many of us in jail. If we wait until they're executing people for noncompliance, it's too late. There is evil in the world and this is it! Smoke and mirrors looking for raw power. Time to reread Animal Farm people – it's a short book about animals that anyone can understand but it illustrates the point brilliantly. Unmasked, unmuzzedled, unvaccinated, unafraid!

  10. We also have to remember Jordan was suffering depression amongst other things and had to go through a multitude of trial and error medications to help him not to mention dealing with the news his wife had cancer. under the circumstances I think any of us would've had a enough and would've thought (as he said + paraphrased ) "Just give me the damn shot so I can get back to some semblance of normality".
    Still a FUCKING legend.

  11. Being left alone may not be the right reason to get the vaccine. Traveling isn’t the right reason to get the vaccine. It’s self-centered. Sure, when you don’t get what you want it’s going to piss you off. It doesn’t make sense to blame other people for selfish reasoning. I’m not invalidating people’s struggles with limits this disease is creating. It just seems that people who aren’t use to limitations being put on them are the loudest protesters. Come on now. And I’m not talking about questionable limits. I’m talking about being prudent.

  12. I'm astounded that so many people renowned for progressive intellectual vision have taken so long to recognise tyranny for what it is, to the extent that they trusted enough in 'the science' to allow themselves to be injected with an experimental vaccine entirely monitored and approved by the companies that produced it whilst indemnifying themselves against any civil action.

  13. Jordan Peterson is a top rank critical thinker. Sorely missed in today's world is Christopher Hitchens who would have had devastating things to say about all that is going on today, as well as interestingly enough, Frank Zappa.

  14. If you comply you are allowed to live as you used to live. i.e. go out go to cafes go the theatres, travel , eat, work and shop. IF YOU COMPLY ! If you don't then you are punished, fined and what comes next? In Austria they are locking down the unvaccinated… even though these jabs do not work. In UK they have just changed the definition of fully vaxxed from double jabbed to double jab plus booster… OR you are not compliant … None of this is legal either…. People must wake up and start taking back their lives or they will just be slaves monitored in the so called Green ( not ho it is called green ) Pass 24/7 .. data sold to Big Tech, money controlled by centralised finance on the same digital app…. health info sold and well you know the rest. It is here . People are sleepwalking.l They need to start fighting …

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