The San Francisco Monkeypox Emergency

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  1. I read an article on Reddit on how the WHO was looking for another name for monkeypox because of racism. I suggested "Pridepox", and was permanently banned from the site for promoting hate!

  2. In b4 we realize this was an intentional leak into the gay population to protect them when there's a smallpox attack on the breeding population. (This is a joke. However, since we're in Clown World . . .)

  3. I'm gay, and after 30+ years of safe sex education, it bewilders me that other gay men are still so willing and able to forego any kind of personal and social responsibility, because their getting off bareback seems to take precedence over protecting themselves and their partner/s from potentially deadly diseases.

  4. Given news of this sort of thing, it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that Sodom and Gomorrah existed and that they were as filthy as they were reputed to be.

  5. I live in San Francisco California USA. We're not that stupid. After all at least one of them listens to this show. 🤣 But what I'm saying. We're not that stupid. That being said….

    You can't tell the pride community shit here. Thier gonna do exactly what they want to do. San Franciscans are not lost on this fact.

  6. Remember we can't just always say "could you imagine if this was the other way around". Because we will be saying that while we are getting marched off to the gulag and they are molesting our children.

  7. Monkeypox, HIV… many others… if people would just follow what the Bible says is "natural relations" regarding sexual activity, none of these diseases would have spread. Oh, what's that? You say, but straight people get it, too! Yes, from unfaithful and/or bisexual people having sex with or using IV drugs together.
    Follow the standards put forth in the Biblical Scriptures and we would have none of this plaguing the world.

  8. I know people that during the covid lockdowns were pro-mask, pro-isolation, pro-mandates, did all the testing, took all the precautions and carried hand sanitiser around every where they went. The one thing they wouldn't adhere to was the idea of restraining themselves from using tinder to hook-up with essential workers every other day of the week; thus rendering their adherence to "the guidelines" entirely pointless. Sex isn't a need, it's an impulse and a lot of people these days have no self-control.

  9. Outlaw Josey Wales is epic. The Indian chief is one of best characters you'll see "endeavour to persevere…." won't ruin line. His lump of hard candy that's fer looking thru not eating. A must watch.

  10. The government will never lock me down again. Unless I see people dropping dead in the street or lots of people i know end up in the ICU there is nothing they can say that will convince me the world is at risk.

  11. Is drinking piss a thing? I have heard of drinking your own as a loony health treatment, but other peoples? I'm not gay and I've never considered consuming a woman's urine, it just doesn't seem appealing on any level, never mind exciting. I've never been to an orgy either, perhaps it's in jugs on the buffet with the nibbles? I'm genuinely puzzled.

  12. When I hear "cruising"…gay dudes are the last thing on my mind. Same as they never are.
    Cruising= taking your car up and down the street to show off, just look good and "cruise for chicks", or just roll the windows down and cruise the strip with your friends and other people with cool cars.
    Maybe that just goes for countries that know how to build a straight road though. Haha

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