The Scandal You Never Heard of: Outgoing Syrian Envoy Claims Trump was Misled on Syria Troop Totals

Bring him in on treason charges:


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  1. My personal conspiracy theory for years has been that the deep state manipulates presidents in all sorts of ways, all of which are fairly straight forward. Look at Obama. He didn't seem like a bad person to me, despite his obvious flaws. Sure, he was corrupt and ineffective. But what he did in foreign policy was pretty horrendous – he has even stated Libya was his biggest mistake as president. I don't think he was capable of that on his own. From a bird's eye view, even though Congress is supposed to declare war, the office of the president has taken that role since WWII. After all, what's easier to control? One man, or congress? Imagine if you were president and your officials sit you down and tell you if you don't bomb the fuck out of brown people, the world is going to end. Could you say no? Could you stare down a room of hardened 'experts' telling you everything could be your fault if you don't act? Not many could say no, I think. And now, apparently, even if you say no, they lie to you. They're absolutely out of control.

  2. This is an outrage. You know what I would do if I was in charge? I would get with the loyal generals and court martial those who were involved, those who disobeyed orders in the face of the enemy and have their asses shot at a firing squad.

  3. Trump has been trying to juggle 20 balls of state matters in the air whilst EVERY fucker around him were tossing fake balls into the mix. Dozens if not hundreds of "small" things got missed. I pity the US if he is cheated out of a 2nd term in favour of Biden.

  4. We are being took over…….
    The military is supposed to answer to the PRESIDENT, they are in insurrection and should be court-martialed. No matter what else happens, Trump has done a huge service to the country in exposing these frauds. I believe we are in serious trouble if we don't get a handle on this.

  5. Everyone involved needs to be tried convicted and executed to send a strong message. This includes any senators, congressmen, and ambassadors.

  6. Bet you mass supplies are missing to, need to audit them as well as charges brought up. Probably part of the reason people resisted withdrawal, missing supplies equal hidden payoffs to shell companies and bad actors.

  7. They lied to him during his first five months when they claimed Syria conducted a chemical attack against its people but ended up being drummed up and fake.Well our military bombed them killing civilians.They were never straight with President.

  8. I always knew the government was somewhat corrupt. But the last four years have convinced me that were a banana republic with alot of money. The extent of it I could not imagine.