THE SCIENCE CHANGES IN CANADA ON OCTOBER 1! Border Restrictions to be Suspended! Viva Clip

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  1. More focus needs to be put on the NDP, without whose cooperation draconian intrusion into our charter rights and freedoms would not be possible. They are supposed to be the opposition. It's long past time they acted like it.

  2. super interesting how an arbitrary date/time can somehow negate/eliminate the risks of contagion….. "statism is a mental disorder", look at what it leads to.! nations of suicidal liberal perverts bent on misery and oppressing others in service of the state…

  3. FYI. Dr Abreem Malhotra who made multiple TV appearances promoting the vaccination efforts in U.K (and is basically the Fauci of Britain) has called for the immediate suspension of all CV shots, citing disturbing and concerning data that is becoming too big to ignore.
    I encourage all to watch his latest appearances/videos.
    Share them, spread them around, inform yourselves and others around you.
    The information he's reviewing and revealing will be shocking to most, but expected by the people who have been listening to the "censored experts" that got it right from the start.

  4. Keyword..’suspended’ to be brought back at Anytime. Keeping people with a low science IQ all Still wearing masks.The chicken little approach by the liberals. Just following the ‘science’ The virus deadlier before 09/30?ALL 💩

  5. Until my recent trip I had no idea the Canadian government was run by people who don't believe in vaccines. We had to waste an entire day of a recent vacation running around town getting different covid tests to satisfy different government departments. It has been 4 days and we've left Canada, but still haven't even processed the ArriveCAN test results.

    For entry to BC the government demands you hand over your personal details to LifeLabs who are famous for Canada's largest ever data breach – they lost the personal records, including diagnostic results, of over 15,000,000 Canadians, yet have been rewarded with a $111,000,000 exclusive contract to manage the health data and testing for ArriveCAN in three provinces. This was the second major contract awarded to this company whose only selling point is that the Defence Minister's husband is on the board.

  6. A tsunami of lawsuits should be happening and arrest warrants too. The trauma we Canadians have endured is immense. Plus, the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads and still exists upon their will. Thanks, Viva oh and also you keep safe during the Hurricane along will all other people affected in its path. #TrudeauMustGo

  7. Trudeau: "Follow the science!"
    Pollsters: "You're losing to the Conservatives in the polls."
    Trudeau: "Follow the Polls! Dropping the mandates and ArriveCan app, for now, because the science changed!"

  8. Also, the app is still a tracking app. Don't use it people. The gov will likely make it possible but untenable to cross the border without using the app, and/or expand it into a digital ID system that incorporates your passport somehow. Watch and see….

  9. Rebel news published the list of all media who got money from Turdeau. I think it was like 1500 who got money including CAA because they publish a magazine. CBC needs to sold off and dismantled and the executives salaries published instead of being secret.

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