The Scottish National Socialist Party

Why would you allow any of these totalitarians to control what you can and can’t say?

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  1. The governor of Barlinnie: " What you in for?" New inmate: " I posted I hate sprouts on FB". In Scotland there is a third verdict: Not Proven, which could quite easily be usurped to mean you are probably guilty and should go to gaol.

  2. Maybe nonwhites aren't worth the hassle of having around,huh? I mean if they are just going to talk like that then maybe you should start kicking them out of your country. Atleast that is what i'de do.

  3. Will it allow tommy robinson to record the views of hate preaching in mosques ?, Or if anyone says the law of god trumps the laws of men and we will commit crimes that God says are good.

  4. as a black man in scotland

    this yasuf is one racist cnt. go be on your own you bollocks. what's the % of whites in here? 99% only natural you the only bloke hoarding melanin

  5. Used to always vote SNP but can no longer bring myself to do so. There is no other party that I will vote for in Scotland so looks like no choice but to abstain from voting completely

  6. Majority of poor people in Scotland white. As a Scottish person that lives here. Aw and nice that your moving in people that can't even speak English into our schemes.

  7. pakistan government:

    1 minister: brown
    2 minister: brown
    3 minister: brown
    4 minister: brown
    5 minister: brown
    6 minister: brown
    7 minister: brown
    8 minister: brown
    9 minister: brown

    omg what a racist nation

  8. It is against the very essence of Britishness that a man should be policed in his own home! The idiots who voted for this socialist scum deserve them.

  9. You know immigration has destroyed your country when other races get places of government, and i'm saying this as a Muslim that immigration is bad.

  10. This is what you get when theres no opposition of note in your political system. People vote in low numbers, the party thats borderline guarenteed power passes or tries to pass increasingly ridiculous and intrusive laws.

  11. I am true Scottish but left many years ago . Although my accent is not as broad as this man I still regard myself more Scottish. I can go back hundreds of years and all my family were Scottish.

  12. He said it openly. For example Muslims. Thats why. He wants "protections" for his class, that can be used as a weapon against the rest of us.

  13. Just looking after the muslims. If he doesn't like working with white people in a predominantly white country he has to move.
    He's the racist.

  14. This is what happens when you import people named Humza. Middle eastern countries are what they are directly because of the people that live there. Nothing occurs on its own. They didnt leave the middle east becuse they didnt like the way things were there, they just wanted to implement same shit here in prosperous west. It is not like people fleeing Venezuela, when you know they will never want to eat rats again. Mostly all muslims think that nothing is wrong with the way they run things, they just dont like the outcome so they come here to implement same shit here. So yeah, fuck off Humza.

  15. If Scotland wants immigrants from overseas, why don't y'all take some of the Scots descended folks who were run out of Scotland to the Americas and elsewhere in the World?

  16. This bearded SNP tosser needs to be fired. Then deported. Why? Because he clearly hates white people so he can Foxtrot Oscar somewhere where Whites aren't in majority,or even there in any form. Can I suggest Somalia? Or the Sudan?

  17. You couldn't mandate the install of a listening device in every home, don't be ridiculous! To do so, the first step would be to provide free broadband under some sort of government program, and that's never been in the manifesto of any political party… Oh wait…