The Sec. of Defense Just Admitted It!

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  1. HEY…STOP…everyone come and look…two Americans talking about foreign affairs and neither of them are ignorant narcissistic nationalists!! It's great….honest….just listen….. 😉

  2. So what, we tricked the Ruskis into attacking Ukraine, now let's prolong the war until Russia is defeated then grab all the oil and gas producing territories, we will pay for the oil with dollars that we print.

  3. Ukraine is in danger with the new Law No. S.3522 – Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022. Ukraine can enter the US Debt Trap. The American arms aid must be paid back by Ukraine. No free lunch for Ukraine. Ha ha ha. 😃😄😀

  4. Every state within the Union has been warring against Citizens that need reparations against England. Federal Reserve notes are war notes.

  5. Our gov recently said that white supremacy is the #1 threat to America, and at the same time, has been giving military weapons to thousands of nazis in Ukraine for 8 yrs and continues to do so on an unbelievable scale. For the last 8 yrs, it has been widely know that people travel internationally to Ukraine to train with azov and return home, ex. the torch march and Charlottesville.

    I’m unbelievably ashamed of our county’s role in this conflict and of our financial/military support for nazis killing eastern Ukrainians, not just that but also knowing the human rights violations the Kiev gov commits on its citizens in all Russian speaking regions. Even now, Russia is fighting with the DPR/LPR, with boots on the ground only in areas who voted to separate from Ukraine and where Ukraine committed the worst crimes against the people. Aaron mate had an interview with a nato insider who verified the massive increase of shelling of the east and planned assault by Kiev on the east and Crimea. So arguably one way to look at this, is that we are supporting Kiev’s war on its people as they fight for independence, and only after 8 yrs of war with Russia’s intervention.

  6. The AP just did a ride along with Ukraine SBU arresting people in Kharkiv for speaking bad of Ukraine on social media. The u.s. state dept’s website instead has a Epstein dedicated to SBU’s human rights violations, and the UN has a paper documenting horrific crimes called “human rights violations in Ukraine 2016-21” read it if you have to stomach for it. Disgusting our gov supports and actively covers up their crimes just to use Ukraine as cannon fodder in their irrational and belligerent fight with Putin.

  7. Russia was patient for 8 years .enough is enough . If ukraine is stupid enough ( and it seems they are ) ukraine deserves everything that is coming their way … 👊👊🤣🤣🤣🇷🇺

  8. Terminate NATO quickly. The world cannot allow NATO to start another war. NATO must be stopped in Ukraine, and then terminate NATO. Democracy has run amok because the US and EU Base decisions on financial benefits, called values by Von der Leyen, not on moral values.

  9. Lockheed Martin and Raytheon are doing very well out of this. There was even going to be a merger. Great Russian nationalism is fueled by this war with preschool teachers lining up their children with Z's for school photos. Chris Hedges said that his RT channel was going to be cancelled by the Kremlin because he was critical of Putins invasion. The far right religeous power of the US. Every power is to blame and East v West conversations are pointless now.

  10. The West keep starting wars they CAN’T WIN.
    Great thing about living in the early 21st Century, seeing the Fall of the Colonial & Imperialist West. Bad thing they haven’t landed flat on their arse yet. Still in mid-air know they’re going to have one hell of a Concussion.☠️💀☠️💀💥⚰️🪦😈😁🤗👋🏼

  11. $UPPORT FREE-MARKET HUMAN SACRIFICE Deleted: 2014-2017 +2022, Market News from RFI France, EURACTIV +Argus media re: objections-approval-objection to 🔸East Europe South Stream
    🔸2017 choice to terminate contract w/gazprom
    🔸EU chokes energy supply to lowest in a year, despite Peoples NEED; to incite MORE MassMurder for record profits

  12. If Putin's invasion is so bloody and brutal
    Ask yourself why did Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff visit there right in the middle of a war they weren't afraid of maybe getting blown up
    Or was it all staged for the stupid people

  13. Ralph Nader said it
    Lol I love real news here can't watch the cable radio we should own Ronald Reagan stopped that , no more public airwaves owned by the people the usakkk government made it like the ss – they control with Zionist, I want a perogie sanction me , Zelensky is a ' yes Hitler was now Israel is mad at Russia, stop Zionist America want the 3% white children learning how to become a Jewish citizen with no rights open air prison , Zelensky will get killed or enjoy his billions from the UsaMafia

  14. Even if they have few Nazis in the army as long as they don't go unpunished, they can slaughter all the civilians or PoWs they want.

    I am sick of people saying "Yes, there are Nazis, but that is not the majority of Ukrainians".

  15. Russia is fascist right now (all the boxes are checked). The head of Ukraine is jewish and had parents in concentration camps. The azof battalion is like 1500 people. Maybe give up on that.

  16. Ottawa, Canada — newspaper coverage of unconstitutional use of Canada’s military in training of AZOV Battalion in Canada, and rumor that a top Canadian former military officer is involved in Ukraine—now captured by Russians (?) from Azovstal facility & (?) undergoing interrogation.
    (“The plot thickens”)

  17. The history is repeating…US created Talibans in Afganistan…created ISIS in Syria…Nazi in Ukraine…and after a while ..we have to kill talibans..isis..and now nazis go suicidal in war with Russia….pls. what we can do to stop wars once and forever???

  18. Hiya, guys! Brilliant programme! The global corporate capitalist vampyre bitches have told so many lies for so long that it's not surprising that they can't even keep track of them! I can't get my head around the fact that so many believe them when they have shown their true colours time and time again! REVOLUTION means CHANGE. CHANGE begins WITHIN and WITH US. Keep the faith and keep fighting comrades! ¡HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!

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