The Second World War Part 4 of 6 Audiobook FULL by Atony Bevoor

The Second World War Part 4 of 6 Audiobook FULL by Atony Bevoor

Written by Kassie Pasch


  1. Amazing to think how dangerous these people are thar follow fouls . I think it will prove to be our Achilles heel . Stupidity. We better find a better way to make money than war . ?

  2. I would have thought he would understand that when trying to cause a firestorm, firstly bombs of high explosives secondly incendiary are used to fall into buildings that have had their roofs & walls already broken, not the other way round as stated here. …

  3. Revenge for what blitz! churchill started the bombing of civilians. Never has there been such a savage attack by one nation on another.

  4. In the overall scheme of things the jewish question was a minor subtext. How much better off the world will be today had the project been completed.☕️?

  5. Donald Trump fite in this war. Swim Volga River twice. Once with full set of Golf clubs on back running away. Twice wth war bride on sholders ..Meloma top secret i am not Boris.

  6. Thanks to the reader, as well as the writer, for their intelligence in NOT depicting Australians as 'fake-Cockney' and brainless. And for this account of a war which happened before I was born… I wonder who, in the next generations, will write the true account of the American invasions that have occurred during our lifetime?

  7. Have listened to this , it,s truth and disturbing .They repeat this to the point of (do you recall?I know this is very disturbing .In the final heights of knowledge the soul realizes itself as it has always been.

  8. (06Hrs 48Min) I actually get why it is that Hitler called all his Commanding Generals together to again swear their alligence to him. This was at a time in the war where even Hitler could no longer deny that the war was hopelessly lost with not even the hope of miracles to save Germany, or the pipe dream of secret super weapons (Even if Hitler was suddenly given a Super weapon by his scientists that had the potential of turning the tables and giving Germany victory, Hitler would most likely bungle things so badly that it wouldn't make any difference. He did exactly that with the one he was handed. The Me262 jet fighter could have completely reversed the air war, especially concerning the daylight bombing of the 8th Air Force. If deployed as designed, as a fighter interceptor, when first available as early as 1943, it would have swept the skies clear of all bombers and fighters, effectively defenseless before it's superiority, especially when it's missiles were used. The Allied could counter with nothing and Air Superiority could never have been gained. That would have either prevented the subsequent landings or the landings could have easily failed but Hitler, being the Allies best buddy and Weapon against germany instead insisted the fighter be converted into a bomber and refused to build them in sufficient numbers until then, which never occured. Thus one of the best secret weapons he made so much of was thrown away).
    In any case by this time even Hitler knew. He had just moved his headquarters to avoid being overrun and captured or bombed so it was probably on his mind a bit more than usual. He knew, and insinuated, and even flat out stated that he fully intended that Germany be completely destroyed and the German people wiped out if Germany were to loose the war. It would be crucial therefore to ensure his generals were completely loyal to him above all, especially above germany. If a general were loyal to Germany first and then Hitler then common sense dictates that we soon as it became very clear and undeniable to them that Hitler himself meant to intentionally destroy germany, and so basically the biggest threat and enemy to Germany and the German people, then they would be forced to turn on and eliminate Hitler himself obeying their own sworn loyaltiex. But if the sweat locality to Hitler not Germany then there would be no problems. That is why he did that. Remember all these generals were Germans of the Prussian .military tradition, a sworn oath of honor meant more than life to them and most would/could never even think of breaking it.

  9. Another brilliant piece of work from Mr Beevor….attention to detail is quite horrifying, I don't think I've read such an in depth description of the absolute evil that was unleashed on the world, I imagine the research for this book must have taken years to compile, I listened to Stalingrad previously and the same can be said for that too, just brutal in its description….Isn't it sad that mankind never ever learns from previous wars ? But always has the capacity ( and the money ) to go to war and spend billions on the worst kind of weapons that could wipe every living thing out of existence !! thank you so much for uploading this….not a pleasant subject I admit…. but very very informative !!

  10. The real scary thing is how Marc Clarke defected to the Soviet Union in 1953 And was lost in a snow storm in the urriols I know that’s misspelled.

    Just shows you even American so called hero’s can see a benefit in the Soviet Union it’s a hidden fact of our history that he defected