The Secret History of MK Ultra w/Tom O’Neill | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1459 w/Tom O’Neill:

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  1. Why do you think all these mass shootings happen? All of the shooters are on the same medications and some of them have even more stranger connections. Psychiatrists that know each other.

  2. How the fuck am I missing out on all this free L the government is giving to people? That’s what I wanna know. When are they gonna come dose me?

  3. Thank God the CIA stopped experimenting in mind control, or trafficking drugs, or kidnapping little children, or planting operatives in the media. Jeez, can you imagine?

  4. The Devil is amongst us, folks. Welcome to real life. If you think that this type of stuff is not happening right now, you are an idiot

  5. MKUltra is still around
    Australia is hosting current experiments and activities to this day in cooperation with CIA/NSA…
    There's a big house across from the Buckingham arms hotel in Adelaide South Australia where it is practiced this very day…
    Others must be aware too

  6. so basically the cia has always been shady asf and did dodgy stuff, conspiracy's or proven, and kennedy even tried to shut them down but they are still running and extremely powerful in today's times. like wtf the american government is actually a joke even worse than the english and the even worse royal family

  7. this was an excellent book, like the guy confesses, he doesnt know why the murders happened, he just knows that the whole helter skelter defense was bull shit

  8. The worst part about MK Ultra was Project Monarch, where they used satanic imagery and physical abuse against children to split their personalities.

  9. Freud and Bernay's already figured that out in 1910. And before that, Plato figured it out when he created the archetype for Christ, in the story of his Socrates.