The Secrets of Life In Pompeii’s Neighbour Town | The Other Pompeii | Absolute History

Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill presents a documentary following the scientific investigation that aims to lift the lid on what life was like in the small Roman town of Herculaneum, moments before it was destroyed by a volcanic erruption.

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  1. I know this is all super exciting for a historian (for me, too!), but I can’t forget that all these corpses were once terrified people who died horribly. Very cool from a history perspective but still super sad.

  2. hes such a lovely, passionate guy. this was one of the best documentaries ive seen on here in awhile. no sensationalist filler, no obnoxious host, actually showing stuff instead of just the host talking, someone who knows what theyre talking about having the potential to ask better questions for uneducated viewers. awesome.

  3. As Jews was moving to Canaan from Egypt Santorini erupted and Minoens where judged
    As Christianity was moving in to Rome From Canaan Pompey was judged
    As the 1000 year kingdom begins the volcano under yellow stone national park will judge USA

  4. This is so wrong on a grand scale. This whole site should have been left undisturbed to respect the sanctity of life & death. We respect the Titanic as a mass graveyard, why can’t this mass graveyard have the same respect.

  5. I lived in Naples near the Sulfetara. To this day the roads crack and steam sulfur and the ground is hot enough to melt your shoe soles. What draws people to live there is beyond me!

  6. "What we would think of as more unusual species, such as sharks and rays." What's unusual about that? Well, rays, maybe but not sharks. Oh, I'm Australian.

  7. how many thousands of humans today live in the exact area that was buried by the eruption? I dont blame them, that area is such beautiful country

  8. One of my life's most major bummer moments was showing up at the entrance of Herculaneum only to find it closed due to flooding. 🙁 I spent two days at Pompeii instead.