“THE SET UP” Exposing Ambers Lies Part 2

Part 2 of the Investigation into Incident 2. We are Exposing Ambers Lies

The Sweet Spot of the Soul.


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  1. I think it’s iced tea, or something like that. She may not drink liquor, but her dad is an alcoholic cowboy, she knows what a glass of whiskey should look like.

    Someone zoomed in on the reflection of the person taking the photo, and they’re blonde, which I don’t think Scam was, at the time. Whitney was. I think it was either taken to use as ammo later, OR someone wanted to brag about who they were hanging out with. What better way to prove to people that she parties with Johnny Depp? He’s obviously not stupid enough to be in a photo like that.

  2. How they talked about a tampon applicator is exactly how they speak of things in court. When I was on the stand the lawyer made me describe in disgusting horrific detail of exactly what the tongue was doing when I was being SA when my babysitter husband came home early on night when I was 15 and babysitting for his wife and just put his young kid to bed. I had to describe that for everything thing that he did to me after dR…u.ging me so I couldn’t fight back. I was 16 years old when I was on that stand for DAYS detailing every movement that happened to my recollection in between passing out and living that. Being on the court stand was almost worse then the actual event. Almost. I was too young to be made to relive and describe such horrible violent acts. You could have identified him by dental records from the bite marks and bruising all over my body. That was all photographed and shown in court as well of my naked body. All those adults and men staring at them all together all at once as they all held the pictures in their hands. They didn’t have to put them up because they all had copies!! Court system needs to change. They shouldn’t be able to victimize children for a second time like that they way they did to me. I didn’t need to relive that experience being made to put words to every disgusting acting and describe what each se..xual act was and how it made me feel. And why being drugged made me have gaps in my memory and caused confusion amongst the vivid memories. Memories that have haunted me for the past 15 years EVERY single day since. Court system needs to change.

  3. The “Whiskey” looks like apple juice I have never seen someone in my 39 years drink freezing cold whiskey straight out of the fridge. The glass has condensation, to be perfectly honest it looks like Apple juice. And the lines of coke could be baking powder, this isn’t proof of drink and drug abuse cos they could literally be anything in that picture. Plus if it’s 01:30am it looks like natural light in the pictures so it actually looks like day time not early hours of the morning. How many people leave their coffee flask on a table at a coke and whiskey fuelled party. The CD has moved position you can tell that by the lines on his toiletry bag and the position of the writing on the disk.

  4. oh I had actually thought that it didn't quite look like whisky but I thought "I just don't drink much whisky really so what could I know" lmao

  5. My suspicion is that she set up the picture while JD was asleep, then woke him up and presented it as a loving gesture for him. I suspect that she encouraged his drug and alcohol use to; excuse her own use, have ammo against him, and possibly exacerbate any health issues that he had.

  6. So actually, the conclusion is that Mr. Depp himself, staged the table scene to in an attempt to incriminate himself as a drug and alcohol user. Lol

  7. There was a massive amount of evidence on j team. Waited till the deadline. Boxes of papers and everyone had to be looked at because many were useless. The metadata documents looked pretty dam close to verified. They were looked at by j team quickly and verified. It wasn't until they started putting together the part to be used in court. They realised it was not officially legal, something was missing and courts would reject it. No one had taken responsibility for the accuracy of evidence. This is why J team asked to verify and judge ( UK) said to close to trial and you should of done that when you received them. This is why her team is trying hard to say any evidence excepted in UK should automatically be excepted in this trial

  8. Look at the glass in staged picture. Think about this your bent over to do it. Your face is about 6inchs above product. You start snorting you would hit that glass as you finish snorting i believe

  9. Always look for any movement when you have same location with different pics. Also shadows from lights or the sun. The shadows made by the sun. Will determine pretty close to exact time taken and even specific location but not

  10. I'm commenting before watching the full video, so this may have already been addressed, but I'm going to say it anyway. Bottom line, this photograph means absolutely nothing. The only way it could be used against someone is if that person was in the picture as well. These are just BS. They need to go straight into file 13. Ridiculous!

  11. Is THAT mug not the one ms nobody was using in the video she TRIED to set up to allegedly show Johnny Depp being violent and banging cupboard doors and she used the mug to camouflage her phone while she was videoing???

  12. Whiskey is a clear liquid with a brown petina not a cloudy yellow liquid.
    The only thing this set up shows is that Johnny's possessions were there at the time but there is no proof that he was there.
    If he spent alot of time at her house at this time, then its entirely possible that he left some of his belongings at her house.
    Most folks would roll up a dollar bill for the whitey stuff. The applicator has a flaired end which would make it more difficult to use unless it was used in a perfectly vertical position.
    The cigarette is also trumpet shaped. In all Johnny's appearances where he is smoking, I have never seen him smoke a trumpet shaped cigarette, they are generally bullet shaped, equally full from one end to the other.
    I was a roll your own smoker for many years & knew alot of people who were also. One thing I found in common with them all is that we all liked our cigarettes rolled to our specifications. I used slim filters & liked a full tight cigarette, where as my partner preferred a looser thicker cigarette with a standard sized filter. If someone else rolled it & got it wrong, we would either re-roll it or put it aside to re-roll later & roll another ourselves. Rolly smokers are pretty specific about this sort of thing.

  13. Those lines are over the black tile to show up more. They look rather thick too. They are quite far in on the table, ie the person would have to stand and bend over to snort. They look like that could do with being broken down more, Hence showing the credit card. The table is too tidy for a drug rampage? Tanya below has spot-on answers to this photo also.

  14. Surely photo 3 is first – they needed more identity for the staging so took the little box from the bag (the handle moved). More proof the white powder did not come from the box. There is also a fourth photo that shows a third glass behind the bag.

    Also – quite likely all the photos she took during this period were for extortion/bribery more than getting out of the pre-nup. In 2013 unlikely she thought of marriage, more what she could get out of him.

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